Alguersuari's new album is no. 1 on iTunes Spain!

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    Not joking!


    Apart from Villeneuve’s rather rubbish album, have any other drivers got a musical streak? I seem to remember Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan involved in a band together…anything else?


    Felipe Bomeny

    I bought his track “Organic Life” and I must say, not too shabby. It’s ok, nothing spectacular compared to genre greats Kaskade, deadmau5, and Tisto. I seriously doubt the album would be number one if he had not stamped his name on the album.



    For a guy that is the same age as Jaime Alguersuari, loves F1 AND producing music I think I’d get on well with him :D Not my sort of music though admittedly.


    Alianora La Canta

    Damon Hill played on the introduction to Def Leppard’s “Demolition Man”.



    I’ll be straight up here; I don’t particularly like Alguesuari – I have always been of the opinion that part of the reason he had the Red Bull/Toro Rosso drive was that he fitted their “image” of young, hip, edgy, consumerist, irrelevant, cool etc. etc.

    So I therefore had high hopes as I’ve not been that convinced with his driving ability, 18th to points finishes aside. However I just felt that this (organic life) was either the intro to something epic. Or rather, it was a bit like what the “house DJ” used to play in the bar of my old student union. Which was tiny. And almost always empty. Even on a Wednesday. And on Fridays. And on Saturdays. I would also like to add that this “track” was comparable to the Sunday night DJ….

    So in short; I think that his DJ career detracts from his driving. Sadly his DJ-ing doesn’t seem great.. (although I’ll admit I’m no expert in such matters…!)

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