Alonso : 'If Vettel wins, I need to finish 5th'

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    Welp, not according to my calculations that I made all by myself on the ‘Championship Predictor’, that’s now mysteriously changed it’s name to ‘Points Calculator’ (depending on whether you’re in the forum or the main site).

    If Alonso finishes 5th, like he said and Vettel wins, Vettel will wins the championship on countback of 4th place results:

    Race Result :


    1) Vettel

    2) Webber

    3) ..

    4) ..

    5) Alonso

    PTS -1-2-3-4


    256-5-2-3-3 – Vettel

    256-5-3-4-1 – Alonso

    256-4-5-2-0 – Webber

    The point is, Alonso got it wrong.

    Personally I hope Webber wins! If Alonso is higher than 5th, Vettel I hope, moves over.. I think barring an accident, Alonso is likely to be 3rd, which leaves Vettel with no choice but to give it up to Webber.



    lol I’m pretty sure he said “I think” after that quote and he said it was right after the race, so he hadn’t had a chance to visit the F1 Fanatic Calculator yet. Alonso’s calculations weren’t far off and you’d hardly expect him to know who had the most 4th places off the top of his head.



    Oh I’m not pulling teeth over it. But it’s worth mentioning ;) I think you can tell from my tone, I’m not exactly indignant at his inability to instantly calculate the race championship after 2 hours of a gruelling race..

    .. I just hope he gets it right on the night :D Stranger things have happened where people think they’ve won when the haven’t. Although I seriously doubt it’ll happen on the weekend! :D



    None of it will matter when Alonso dominates Quali and race. Good tracking back though, I wonder if he’ll settle for 5th if Vettel is winning…Maybe Ferrari have missed something.



    To wander off topic as I completely agree with Ads and I can’t really debate maths anyway as it’s clear Alonso is wrong and that’s that :P

    “None of it will matter when Alonso dominates Quali and race”

    I swear there is a conspiracy to jinx Alonso :P I’ve read quite a few comments that Alonso will dominate but I genuinely don’t see how he can. Who knows where Mclaren will be and there’s still the lewis factor, Alo is tight on engines, vettel’s been blindingly quick recently and Mark not only has Seb as his ally but they’re both sat in Newey’s monster car. Alonso is the underdog for me no matter how much mark likes to revel in that image.



    Yer I was just going to say read my post in the Humble Pie Cafe as a cautionary tale as to the power of jynxing Alonso this season. Be careful.



    I don’t think so there are a few reasons for the amount of Alosno tipping going on.

    Firstly, I think we are all being realistic. Alonso has the car to finish at least fourth (which would be enought to see him take the title if Hamilton manages to split the Red Bulls) and probably third, which would see him take the title if the wrong Red Bull is in the lead.

    Secondly, we know how fragile the Red Bulls have been this year. In nearly every race at least one of them has run into some technical fault which has scuppered their chances of maximising their points haul. If Alonso is in third holding a watching brief and one of the RB6’s runs into problems, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be through in no time.

    Thirdly, I also think that the amount of Alonso tipping that is going on is a sign of the respect that is held for him as a driver by the regulars on the blog, even if we don’t necessarily support him or Ferrari. That’s certainly my view, he’s a bit of a chop and his celebrations annoy me no end, but I still respect him because he is a great racing driver and world champion.

    Anyway, it’s going to be a fascinating race and we will have a deserved champion regardless of what happens.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Thirdly, I also think that the amount of Alonso tipping that is going on is a sign of the respect that is held for him as a driver by the regulars on the blog, even if we don’t necessarily support him or Ferrari.

    Actually, I think the Alonso tipping has more to do with Red Bul’s tactics than Alonso’s worth as a driver.



    Alonso is very much in the situation Piquet was in 1983 and Prost in 1986. And we all know the outcome… He’s very good, cold-blooded, driving for a seasoned team and facing a pair of drivers ready to jump at each other’s throats.



    I said the same thing in another thread jihelle…Red Bull need to learn from history and do what is necessary to get one of their drivers to the title.

    PM, I think that’s a bit harsh mate, I can’t stand the bloke and I’ve come to accept his quality over the last couple of seasons, he is good, there is no doubting it.



    Alonso is the best driver on the grid no question, i’m a bit confused as to why people are only just realising Alonso is a brilliant driver. Ever since 2004 he has looked amazing. (Just a shame he ended up back at an under-performing Renault team)

    I’ve always liked Alonso ever since Minardi and I seriously want him to stay at Ferrari for a good 5-7 years so he can contest Schumacher’s 7 titles. If anything if Red Bull win the WDC then it will feel wrong because neither driver deserves it.

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