Alonso vs Raikkonen, 2014

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    Hey there. Read a little peace of an interesting opinion about the inevitable rivalry between Raikkonen and ALonso, _if_ Kimi joins the Scuderia. It was from Andrew Benson on BBC-Sport, link>>http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/24031963.

    Quoting him: [[ Seeing Alonso and Raikkonen battle it out in equal machinery would be a prospect many would savour – it would be fascinating to find out who would come out on top.

    That will be debated endlessly – as comparisons between all the top F1 drivers always are. But one engineer who has worked closely with both is in doubt.

    “I think Alonso, pretty convincingly,” he said. “Everywhere – especially qualifying and the first laps of the race.” ]]

    So, back to you, what’s your take on this?? Will Alonso destroy Kimi, or do Kimi have any chance??
    The last bit from the quote, is _the_ most interesting thing, imo. =)


    Iestyn Davies

    It’s hard to say, because both have probably lost that last tenth of outright pace, have fantastic consistency, are both all-round complete drivers..



    Massa recently said in an interview that Alonso had been his toughest team mate in Formula 1, and he has driven against both Fernando and Kimi in equal machinery for 7 years. [Link]

    I am leaning towards Alonso in this one, though that is only my guess.


    Jon Sandor

    It’s not confirmed yet, is it? I’m still clinging to the hope that Hulk gets the Ferrari seat.

    But, hypothetically, if Kimi were to move to Ferrari …. I’d say Alonso would prevail. They have similar strengths and weaknesses as drivers, but there are a lot of intangibles in Nando’s favor.



    BBC says it’s confirmed that Raikonnen is joining Ferrari, but no other website is reporting that.



    @Ninad That’s not what this topic is about.

    I’m going to have to agree and say Alonso will convincingly win this. He’s so consistent it’s crazy, somehow he always seems to find his way onto the podium and gain at least 3 places driving around others just after the start. I’m not saying Raikkonen couldn’t, but I’ve seen Alonso do those things for years in a row now…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If it happens, I expect Alonso to win comfortably. He’s already got the team built up around him, and the only reason why Raikkonen won his title was because McLaren imploded in 2007.



    Well, I do think Alonso is overall better driver than Räikkönen (and I’m a Räikkönen-fan) but who knows what will happen. Did anyone expect Hamilton to beat Alonso in 2007? ;-)

    Anyway, if it happens, it will be great to see these two fellows in the same team. It’s up to Ferrari now to build a good car.



    Well, it didn’t take long for this debate to start, Kimi’s isn’t even formally signed up yet! :-)



    I actually don’t think much of Kimi’s return. It’s a whole load of consistency, minus killer speed IMO. He has probably done the least pitstops this season, but I put that down to the car more than I do the driver.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yeah, I don’t think his return was necessary. The sport wasn’t crying out for his return, and while it might be richer for his presence, it won’t be poorer for his absence. Especially since his total departure could open up a seat for a promising young driver, like Felipe Nast.



    Back to the topic:
    I think it’s more likely Alonso will gather more points during the season. He has spend the last four years at Ferrari and has been able to build the team around him. Alonso is also a lot more political driver than Kimi and Ferrari is a political team.

    But who knows? As some have stated, who expected Hamilton to beat Alonso in 2007? Besides, it seems Alonso is the only one who is disturbed by the situation. Obviously Räikkönen doesn’t mind having Alonso as a team mate.



    I guess the neat thing about them being paired (assuming it does happen) is that it will give an answer to the question without the need for this sort of speculation. But of course, things in F1 are never black and white. There will always be circumstances where one driver or the other may not be able to maximise his performance. People will still debate this no matter what actually happens on track, especially when you consider how fanatical Raikkonen’s fans can be. Even if Alonso comprehensively destroys him, there will still be people who refuse to believe it, and vice versa.

    Personally I don’t envisage either driver to have an enormous advantage over the other. Over the course of the season I’d expect Alonso to maybe edge it, but I doubt there’d be a lot in it.



    The radio conversations between Rob and Kimi will be interesting to say the least!!



    @hotbottoms I agree with that. Some fans are always 100% certain that driver X is going to beat driver Y even though X and Y have never been team mates before and both are highly regarded. I also expect Alonso to beat Raikkonen but not many expected Rosberg to beat Schumacher, Hamilton to beat Alonso or Button to be so close to Hamilton.

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