Alonso vs Raikkonen, 2014

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    What is more interesting to me is their driving style. I am no expert in identifying the differences, so someone could put some light on how they like the car. If there are differences, then there lies the real problem, what route would Ferrari follow? If they drive the same way, then Ferrari could become unbeatable, big could of course.




    Thinking about 2005 and 2006, Kimis last seasons with Mclaren, Kimi was considered _the_ fastest one on the grid, genuinely having that raw pace, faster than everybody else.. ( or was it really most of all the Mclaren itself??). And for Alonso, he was the “strong & reliable” one during his championship winning years.

    Now ALonso is considered the better driver of the two.. And back in his last two year with Mclaren, Kimi outpaced and outraced Montoya, remember.

    So really, what’s happend?? Seems to me that Kimi became a lesser driving right from day 1 at Ferrari, and since beginning of 2007 never got back to his old “Mclaren-form”.

    Massa partially tarnished Raikkonen’s reputation. Kimi’s gimmick as being the “fastest driver on the grid” was buried in 2008, when Felipe out-classed him.

    In 2013, Raikkonen is a much better driver than Massa of course, but still not as good as Alonso IMO.



    I think that Alonso will win because he’s much more adaptable than Kimi. Kimi has a small operation window where he is very fast, but he tends to struggle a lot when the car doesn’t suit him. Kimi has struggled many times in the past with steering issues and suspension geometry. Kimi’s lack of adaptability was most obvious in 2008 and some races of 2012, where he was out-paced thoroughly by his teammate.

    Alonso on the other hand, well, he can pretty much handle anything. Twitchy steering, bad brakes, jammed clutch, broken gearbox, cold tires, you came it. You can throw anything at Fernando, but it wont stop him from reaching the podium.

    A characteristic about Ferrari’s past few cars is that they have been far from perfect. Under these conditions, Alonso excels while Raikkonen struggles.



    Kimi has a very distinct style. He builds up the turn with an early, smooth turn in. As such, he likes the car to be “on the nose” – ie to have a responsive front – because if he were to have the car more understeery, the smooth turn in would just mean the car never gets to turn in.

    Alonso is much more adaptable – tell him how to drive the car and he’ll do it.



    Here’s proof of Alonso’s adaptability:

    I would love to post it here, but for some stupid reason I can’t. So here’s a post I made a while back on Alonso’s adaptability: http://www.f1technical.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8843&p=398556#p398556


    Iestyn Davies

    I do know it’s been said by Rob Wilson (driver coach) that Kimi is a master at weight transfer.

    Fernando is definitely one of those very quick adapters and can drive anything – I think the top 4 are all to some extent, maybe Ham and Kimi less so than Seb and Fernando. But Ham and Kimi (in his day) were devastatingly quick when it was to their liking. Ham and Seb seem to be the Pole Position masters though (not up against MSc?).



    I just remembered this video, from 2008.


    I concur with one of the comments, it’s funnier now.



    I think Kimi’s driving has changed and judgind by his results with Lotus he should be capable of matching Alonso. But I still think (but don’t hope that) Fernando will me more consistent and reliable throughout the championship and come out on to. In 2014, at least.



    Why would Kimi do it to himself?? True answer is that he thinks he can- period. There are very few F1 drivers that think they are not top 5 in the world if they have the equipment- hell, Sutil still thinks he is quicker than his old mate. It was only two years ago Heiki said he could beat Seb in the same car………….. after Seb smashed 2011.

    Webber knows he is not as quick as Seb, Max should know by now Jules is better, Feilpe (got it!!) knows his spot but really all F1 drivers are confident (or arrogant) enough to ‘think they can”. Kimi is a WDC, why would he not be confident?? I think Alonso will get him, but Kimi will be close. Maybe not as fast as he was, and needs to qualify better but a great, clean racer.

    @nick – Yes the Horse cant make Kimi be nicer to his fans (and there are many) and I am sure he is better with his sponsors (well bloody hope :). I thought the “Leave me alone” T-shirts were ordered by Kimi himself as a bit of an apology to the team??? Anyway is was piss funny and yes, jokes like that WONT fly at Marenello !! They dont know “funny” !!

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