Alonso vs Schumacher at 130R in 2005, the best overtake in F1 history?

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    Mark Webber has nominated the 2005 Japanese GP as one of his top 5 races of all time on the BBC’s Classic F1 feature, and a worthy choice it was too. Having just watched the highlights of this race, I cannot think of a better overtake in the history of the sport. I read recently that his apex speed into 130R corner on that lap was 209mph, showing he did not lift an inch! Can anyone think of a better overtaking move?



    Not even close, Schumacher ducked out of it rather than risk a crash.



    watch the 79 French GP and then try to say that Alonso’s pass was the best ever. It was very good but as Icthyes said Schumacher avoided a crash although Alonso was very bold to go for it.



    Why exactly does that strike you as the best overtake ever? Because it was fast and on the outsides?

    Vettel took Rosberg on the outside of the 170+ Blanchimont corner in Spa. In Monza, Alonso ‘suggest’ him partially on the grass with 190+. That’s just the last few races and that was on drivers not willing to move an inch.

    If you’re new to F1 and that’s why you think it might be one of the best ever, I envy you, as you have a whole world of wonderful new overtakes to experience once you Youtube a little more.



    There was one at Hungary I think, where Piquet Sr. drifted around the outside of Senna.



    I’m with David A on this one.



    The best overtake ever: Häkkinen taking Schumacher and Zonta at Spa. Nuff said. :P

    Seriously, I think it’s pretty impossible to say what is the best move in F1 history. What makes Mansell’s move on Piquet in the ’87 British GP better than his move on Berger in ’90 Mexico? What about Kimi passing Fisico on the final lap at Suzuka? Villeneuve round the outside of Schumacher in Estoril? There are plenty of great, even epic moves, but to say one is above the rest? Nay.



    @rampante you’re back!



    Nigel Mansell could have a top 10 all on his own. The one at Peraltada in Mexico in 1990 is pure bravery, particularly considering he’d just spun off because his tyres were worse for wear. I like the one he did on Senna at Hungary where he used the backmarker to get past, and as has been mentioned Piquet’s at the first corner in Hungary where he had full opposite lock and still managed to make the corner and pass was incredible too


    Dan Thorn

    My personal favourite pass is Gilles Villeneuve around the outside of Alan Jones at Zandvoort in 1979. It’s pure awesomeness.



    Not for me. Schumacher let Alonso pull of the pass and he could have defended harder. It was great but it wasn’t even my favourite pass of Alonso.


    Craig Woollard

    I agree with @kaiie. When you’re 8 years old and you see cars 3-wide at spa, all jousting for position, you have to love it! Although, I also rate Kimi on Fisichella as better as that… Also on my favourites, Hamilton on Massa at Hockenheim 2008 and Hamilton on Kovalainen at Silverstone 2008. Hill’s pass on Schumacher at Hungary in 1997 was great to watch too… But best of all, out of all of them, Glock on Schumacher, Australia 2010 ;)



    I’m with David I think this was just unbelievably cool



    I liked Schu vs Hak at Spa but didn’t DC do exactly the same thing at Brazil that year?



    Erm it was the year after Hakkinen and different circumstances but yeah he did.

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