Alonso’s statistics against other recent Ferrari drivers

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    Adam Tate

    I came upon this statistic while researching for one of my earlier comments today. I realize it can’t take into account car competitiveness, but the results are still quite close and very interesting to look at.

    Alonso has now competed in 52 races for Ferrari, in this time he has achieved 9 wins and 28 podiums.

    I wanted to see how that compared to Schumacher’s results in his first 52 races with Ferrari. Having done that I then looked up the figures for Raikkonen and Massa as well, here is what I found out.

    First 52 races with Ferrari:
    Schumacher- 15 wins, 29 podiums
    Massa- 10 wins, 26 podiums
    Alonso- 9 wins, 28 podiums
    Raikkonen- 9 wins, 26 podiums
    Barrichello- 5 wins, 29 podiums
    Irvine- 1 win, 15 podiums

    It shows that while Alonso has performed very well thus far, the past season and a half in particular, he has not made as big a splash as Schumacher did and his results are actually very similar to those of Massa and Raikkonen. The string of podiums for Rubens show just how good of a number 2 he was in those days!



    When you consider that the team Schumacher joined had won only two races in the previous three seasons that backs up the quality of what he achieved in that period despite not winning a drivers championship.

    I wonder what reaction Schumacher’s move to Ferrari would have got if we had F1Fanatic back then – it was actually quite similar to what Hamilton is doing now (moving from a proven race winning team to an outfit with plenty of history but no recent success). I can’t remember it being quite such a shock but then the coverage and detailed reporting wasn’t around back then.



    Massa benefited from joining Ferrari at their strongest, TBH I’m quite surprised that he’s ahead of Alonso and Raikkonen.

    As for Fernando, I think he’s done just a fine job so far. You can’t ask for much more than what he’s delivered.

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