"And listen to the crowd!"

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    Famous words from Murray Walker.

    I think some of the most incredible moments in F1 are the ones where you can actually hear the crowd over the engines and commentators. I thought it would be interesting to share examples of these moments.

    I was watching the Italian Grand Prix 1998 and the crowd go absolutely crazy 3 times:

    When Schumacher passes Hakkinen for the lead.

    When Hakkinen goes off.

    When Irvine takes Hakkinen for second place.

    Other races I can recall are:

    Barcelona 2008 – When Alonso puts his Renault in provisional pole.

    Silverstone 2008 – When Hamilton came round the final few corners to win.

    Barcelona 2011 – Alonso taking the lead at the start from 4th.

    Any other examples you can think of?


    Dan Thorn

    “Ferrari wins! Ferrari second!”

    I agree. When the crowd go nuts it makes a great moment become an amazing moment.

    For the last few laps of Hockenheim 2000 you can hear the crowd going crazy and of course, there’s Brazil 2008.


    Stephen Jones

    i loved Barcelona this year! i dislike Alonso immensely, but to see an entire country cheering him on was fantastic.. still give’s me a buzz when i replay it!

    as for other times, basically every Ferrari win at Monza..

    good thread btw!



    @dan Thorn, agree with you on Hockenheim 2000, is this the race Rubens Barichello won his first race? If so, the crowd go wild on the last lap when he enters the stadium! All is shouting and screaming and the horns blaze out. I hate Ferrari, despise them, but when watching that, it puts the hairs on back of my neck to attention.



    The last one I remember vividly was Monza 2006 when Alonso’s engine expired.



    When Mansell passed Piquet at Silverstone in

    Hamilton’s pole at Silverstone in 2007

    Schumacher wins his third championship, not a single horn in Suzuka was silent



    I think Brazil 2008 was probably the one I remember the most vividly, such a huge roar and such an epic moment, shame it was wiped out a few seconds later. Barcelona this year was special as well, Alonso leading into turn 1 was so unexpected it was just mega.

    I must say credit to the crowd at Silverstone as they cheer pretty much every winner, I remember Vettel got a huge reception when he won in 09 and there were lots of horns blowing for Alonso this year.



    Barcelona ’10 when Hamilton crashed, letting Alonso move up to second… a bit vicious but very loud!



    Monza ’88 sounded loud when i rewatched it the other day. A Ferrari 1-2, around a month after Enzo had died and you can hear the crowds elation over the engines of Berger & Alboreto (until they pass within the camera’s microphone ofc)



    Monza last year. I think I remember reading an article that there weren’t as many fans at the race but then when Alonso went into the lead it sounded like the population of the world was there!



    There’s an occurring theme going on. Ferrari and Monza :P



    As well as the above I can remember Barrichello leading into Senna S at Interlagos 09 produced a lot of crowd noise you could hear above the engines.



    The three I remember the most:

    Hamilton getting pole at Silverstone in 07. Never had I heard such a vocal reaction.

    Alonso taking the lead at the Spanish GP in 2011. The crowd really loved that one.

    Massa almost winning the title in Brazil, 08. The crowd went mental.

    That’s all I can remember, That’s pretty poor, lol


    Being a relatively young fan, Brazil 2008 is probably the best example I have in my memory, although that was an exceptional minute or so of action, probably the best minute of F1 I have ever seen…

    Spain this year was also exceptional, with Alonso taking the lead down to turn one. He does manage to make himself seen even when the car is not up to the challenge… Only him and Hamilton in my opinion really have that quality.

    The crowed add atmosphere to the races and some of F1’s greatest moments, and thats why the circus should go where the fans are, not where the money is.


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