Any other regulations that need to be changed before it's too late?

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    Once again this season, we’re all discussing about whether or not to change a specific FIA regulation, in order to prevent something similar from happening again, AFTER an incident has occurred. First we had the Monaco last-lap fiasco where Schumacher was punished because of a very vague regulation and now this.

    My question is, are there any other rules or regulations that you think need to be looked at and changed NOW in order to prevent them from causing any further dramas, instead of waiting until after any potential scandals to do so?

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    Good question I think Geoffrey. The problem is these incidents are so unusual that it brings into the spotlight the loopholes. It feels a bit like trial and error and sewing up the patches as they go along. It isn’t the best way to do it but there will always be some element of it.


    Tom L.

    Perhaps, after the Hamilton/Petrov incident in Malaysia, a clarification of where the line is between weaving and blocking? How close does a car have to be to the one in front for it to constitute a block as opposed to a weave across the track?

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