Anyone want to go halves on a Sky TV subscription?

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    F1 Junkie

    This post is aimed at people who already have a Sky TV subscription and have access to the Sports package to watch F1. This is basically an offer to pay half of the minimum cost of a Sky TV subscription that includes F1 coverage (£363 divided by 2 = £181.5 going off Keith’s article). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    My motives are this. Formula 1 coverage in my country is reasonably good, but it has ads throughout. I also miss all the practice sessions. Last year I became used to the caviar of F1 viewing thanks to a nifty BBC feed I arranged. I want to continue to watch F1 without ads and with the proper commentary. So basically I want to watch F1 through Sky’s online player while the subscriber watches it via the STB.

    So I need a few things confirmed first because I don’t know if this will even work:
    1. Can you view the sports channel on your usual STB and view it on the internet feed at the same time?
    2. Can you view the internet feed on any old UK broadband link (i.e. can you watch it at work for example?) while watching it on the STB?
    3. Can multiple people watch the feed at once (only relevant if you want to use the internet facility as well, because I might want to watch other programs on it)

    If the above tests work, I’m prepared to help pay the cost of your Sky TV sub by paying half the cost on a month by month basis. So this would be £15.13 per month. The reason I’m aiming this at people who already have the package is because I don’t want to continue to pay if it stops working for some reason (say if Sky TV stopped offering the internet feed). Because you’d already have the subscription, you’d just be back to square one, paying full price. It’s aimed at people who want to save a bit of money but would have paid full price anyway.

    I’m happy to pay every month in advance via Paypal whatever other means. I’d also want to test it before the season begins (I have access to a UK IP so don’t worry about geolocation). I’m also happy to keep paying month by month for the entire year’s subscription even when the F1 season is not on, so I can keep watching programs via the player. I want this arrangement to last a while so that’s why I’m happy to keep paying through the break.

    If you’re interested, send me a PM or email me at mvknowles at gmail.com.

    My apologies if this somehow breaches the forum rules. I can see how it might be borderline.



    Only one person can watch the internet feed at one time.

    Sky are very good at sniffing out proxies/VPNs with UK IP addresses and blocking them from their services, too.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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