Are Caterham's Arabian and Swiss investors in fact Azerbaijani and Ecclestone?

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    This Hungarian site says they wanted to talk with either Kolles or Albers about the team’s state, but they weren’t allowed to and also not many others were.

    But after this they got a hint from a source who worked before for Williams and Caterham that the story about the Swiss and Arab investors are fake, because they are indeed Azerbaijani and Bernie Ecclestone.
    They suggest the Azerbaijanis want to promote themselves ahead of their home GP and the cars will carry logos of Azerbaijan. And they think Bernie wanted to be involved because the Concorde Agreement promises the GP hosts that the sport will have 22 cars on their tracks for years and he didn’t want this to be a problem already in the middle of the year.

    I don’t know if this is true or they were fooled, but I thought this was interesting. They are also the site that are suggesting that Lotus is thinking about the return of the JPS sponsorship because Unilever is thinking about moving to McLaren in some form – the writer even asked Maldonado about this topic in the Thursday press conference.



    Although I find it a bit weird as Bernie suggested a month ago that he wanted Caterham to quit.


    David Not Coulthard

    I reckon it’s Quantum.



    Weird that the new owners don’t want to be identified … like they are embarrassed they are even involved with the team!

    And what qualifies Albers to be team boss?! I think Alexander Wurz would make a great team principal!

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