Are date changes possible for 2012?

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    chris c

    Story is i have already booked flights for the spanish gp as they where cheep. Now my problem is booking a hotel and tickets for the race i can get a good deal on a hotel for the dates already set and the tickets for the race have 20% off till the end of the month but with all the problems in Bahrain and the new problems with the race in the US i’m now concerned about the possibility of the date for the race being changed even low the calendar was confirmed at the start of sept.

    So should i take the plunge and book the tickets and hotel or hold off??



    I would suggest dates changes are not only possible, but likely!

    The Spanish GP should be OK though



    I was wondering the same thing. If the Bahrain GP is going ahead i’d quite like to go, just because Bahrain is so close to the UAE that it seems silly not to go. The status of that race is obviously up in the air, but as @asanator said, the Spanish GP should be fine.


    Alianora La Canta

    A circuit with a specific date confirmed in the calender normally cannot be changed once the final version of the calendar is out except in very unusual circumstances. It’s possible for a circuit to fall off the calendar if it doesn’t pay its dues, doesn’t do the necessary upgrades between races or experiences force majeure. In the latter case, it theoretically can move date but every team must agree, and that hasn’t happened since Spa 1985.

    Unless you know of some reason Spain may experience force majuere (and I don’t), it should be safe to go ahead with bookings – I’ve never heard of the organisers of the Spanish GP complaining about the demands the F1 circus makes, so it’s very unlikely that they will neglect the circuit or refuse to pay the agreed amount for the race.


    Keith Collantine

    The World Motor Sport Council meeting on December 7th is the last likely point at which changes are likely to happen.

    I’d be surprised if there’s any major alterations, though of course the United States Grand Prix is now looking very iffy, which could have repercussions for the end of the calendar.



    Ecclestone is highly convinced the United States Grand Prix won’t happen next year.


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