Are there any Italian or Spanish Hamilton fans?

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    But is it? You still haven’t said why. It may be your perception, hell it’s my own perception, but what do we have to go on it? I couldn’t begin to claim any research or knowledge of exactly how “bad” any other national media is.

    By the way, this has been fun, having to dig out words out like “transnational” :-)

    And Carl Sagan, like the cosmos itself, rocks.



    Sure, it’s just perception. We can’t scientifically measure how bad a newspaper is. We can only measure circulation rates and The Guardian (comparable in status to the French, Spanish and German newspapers I mentioned) has 10 times less copies in circulation than The Sun (also Murdoch’s), while Le Monde, El Pais, etc still enjoy a respectable place on the TOP circulation tables, if not lead.

    We only have our common sense to make that evaluation, but I’m sure we both make the same about all those newspapers.

    Again, no fault of the British people, it’s just circumstances. But like I said, it’s already noticeable in other countries the same trend, and I’m afraid we’ll end up with “le soleil”, “el sol” and “Der Sonne” versions leading those tables soon enough. Unfornately. On the other hand, you have BBC, and you can’t even begin to appreciate how lucky you are for that.

    Yes, Cosmos was the one I was referring. Still a pleasure to watch, still current, 30 years after



    Phew! I didn’t think my question would spark such a feverish amount of responses.

    Reading it back I think the original post is fairly waffly and inconsistent but the general point I was trying to get across was ‘how patriotic are other countries when it comes to supporting their favourite drivers or teams?’ I could’ve been pithier.

    Some nice responses and it’s nice to see that some of you don’t let nationality sway you.

    I’m British and I’m a McLaren fan but I became one when I first got into the sport and saw Hakkinen putting up a good fight against Schumacher. I was also very fond of the McLaren F1 sports car which I preferred to Ferrari road cars and this is what swayed me. As for drivers, nowadays I support Lewis because in my opinion I think he’s the quickest out there and he’s a nice bloke. If he was in a Ferrari I’d still support him. Generally the drivers I favour have to be fairly quick but also have interesting and friendly personalities.

    I was at Silverstone earlier today (thoroughly enjoyed myself despite getting rained on a little and having an EVIL cold) and once again it seemed the majority of the crowd were supporting the British purely because they were British. Don’t understand that personally, not that I have anything against it.

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