Artificially heating a circuit

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I on’t know how much truth there is to this article – http://www.motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=392672&FS=F1 – but it does raise an interesting prospect: artificially heating a circuit. There have been calls for a French Grand Prix to visit Paul Ricard because the circuit can be flooded at will (or at least, it used to be) to simulate wet-weater conditions, so I don’t think this is any more artifical. I think it could certanly be an interesting feature, particularly if the organisers could heat the circuit to the point where tyre wear increases so much that teams would be forced to seriously consider a second pit stop.




    Bloody expensive.



    it’s bloody expensive and smells as faked as the ‘reverse grids’ by Briatore, it’s only driven by the “improve the show!” mantra.



    What’s the benefit?



    We have seriously hot asphalt in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Use the money on something else.



    It will cost more so I don’t think that is possible.


    Fer no.65

    Don’t see the point of it…



    surely this can put teams to either an advantage or disadvantage. how would a set temperature be decided. if you look at last year, brawn would have wanted it to be very hot as they could look after their tyres but red bull would have wanted it cool as they could be the only ones to get the heat into their tyres. it would be completely unfair


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Brawn’s advantage didn’t come from circuit temperature. It came from the ambient termperature.



    It just seems like a waste and utterly pointless. How would they decide when to run it? The teams would bicker like mad, the tyre supplier probably wouldn’t be so pleased if it wrecked their tyres and it’s just a fake race. Some of the pleasure with the weather is the unexpected where teams can get caught out with their set ups etc and this would just make racing contrived.


    Dan Thorn

    No idea why they need it, but to me it sounds like it could be a bit of a knee jerk reaction to what happened at Korea. The heated track would most likely be used in the event of rain, allowing the track to dry quicker. I can’t imagine what other purpose it would serve, other than wasting a huge amount of resources.



    no point in this, because to seriously increase tyre wear circuit would needed to be heated up to temperatures considerably above of any known before. this will seriously increase the grip as well – kills the idea already

    but such circuit would be really great for tyre testing

    and there’s a plans to build such facility in Bulgaria

    to drop Turkey and Hungary from the calendar eventually btw



    Button would like it :D:D:D



    Doesn’t exactly meet the FIA’s green credentials does it?

    I don’t see what point it would serve to be honest.


    Ned Flanders

    Heating a circuit for the hell of it would be a bit daft, and a needless expense. But if it enabled circuits to be used all year round then it could be a decent idea. Bulgaria, for example, are allegedly looking to build a heated track, because the winters out there are cold and racing wouldn’t be possible for many weeks a year

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