F1 Fanatic problems on Monday 05/03/12

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    Edited post by @estesark:

    F1 Fanatic is currently experiencing some technical problems. So far there have been reports of forum threads, articles on the main website and article comments going missing or being unavailable.

    The problems are due to the website moving to a new server yesterday. Hopefully they will be resolved soon. In the meantime, sit tight! You don’t need to report every problem you encounter, but you can use this thread to discuss them if you wish. Other problems with F1 Fanatic should be directed to the Known Problems thread.

    Thank you.

    Original post by Jack:

    Attention Moderators and forum readers

    Today I´ve had yet another sad experience in the forum… Today I started a topic called REVISED REDBULL CAR in which I posted some links to some pictures that had an excellent view of the exhausts and floor of the car. If the fact that the pictures where from a website and that is the reason for being taken down, well, I appologize and ask you to please tell me how to post pics but it seems that posting links is ok since I saw it in another thread so I ask: Why are my post being targeted?? Seriously…. Can no one say or ask anything about “all mighty” REDBULL because you will get your thread deleted? I mean.. Why does every thread I make get treated as IF I´m trying to anger a certain sector of the forum members?? What about freedom of speech? Isn´t everybody entitled to an opinion?? Or do you just delete topics because you don´t want to anger a specific sector of the forum? Whatever the reason may be… this attitude of deleting topics is sort of FASCIST. No toleration for ANYBODY elses opinion or thoughts but your own….
    Is it because of my freaking avatar??? Well hell, I will change it if need be and that´ll please the fascists BUT that won´t change my way of thinking or what I post… The fact that my thoughts differ from everyone elses or at least the FANBOY sector doesn´t mean I´m a TROLL. It is my right to think what I like and to say what I like as long as I don´t disrespect anybody in here which i have most certainly have not done!

    Lastly, I´m very dissapointed with this… seems like I´m getting trolled just because I don´t “ride the same wave” as everyone else in here…



    I dunno what you’re talking about, but generally the only free speech you get on a forum is that which the site owner grants you – in many jurisdictions the site owner is legally responsible for what you post, so their decision is final.

    Perhaps calming down a bit might help? I’m sure there was a reason for your post disappearing. If you ask nicely then surely someone will tell you.

    And just because fascists might not go crazy over the idea of free speech, not everyone who moderates a forum is a fascist. :)



    @jack22 Now as I’m not a moderator I don’t know why they were closed or anything, but I’d just like to point out that this isn’t a site for certain teams’ fans, as everybody likes different teams and drivers, so the attitude of “my thoughts differ from everyone else’s” is abit stupid if I’m honest. There is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation, such as it being a duplicate thread or something, but to claim that you’re being specifically targeted is kind of silly, seeing as topics often get closed, from loads of different users.



    Well, I understand it seems stupid but a HUGE deal was made over my avatar just beause I had a TROLL face (Which I explained I just found funny) and then one other guy called in Keith saying I was trolling… Seriously… Now I betrayed MYSELF for changing my avatar but whatever… seems you have to be a “sheep” in order to be taken seriously… the fact I had a troll for an avatar doesn´t mean crap…. I could still be one with another picture… it´s stupid really…
    I received an email a while ago that says that it´s not deleted…. it said it could be found somewhere else and I clicked the link and it didn´t appear… And my question is: why move it if it´s F1 related?? geeez…. I don´t get it man…




    @jack22 Ahh right, I didn’t know about the avatar thing, I think if anyone can kick up that much of a fuss over a “trollface” avatar then that’s just dumb. I guess some people take commenting on a website a bit too seriously lol. Besides, I can’t recall seeing you ‘troll’ anyone… And I searched your forum post and couldn’t find it, but I guess if there is already a discussion going on regarding the new Redbull you could just post your points in there instead?

    @renner Awesome picture! (bro) :D


    @Jack22 Hello. :)

    You may like the picture and you have a right to use whatever you want as an avatar (within reason), but you have to understand that the connotations of the ‘trollface’ image are so heavily connected with the acts of trolling and griefing that using it as an avatar undermines any seriousness you may attempt to have in your posts. It’s a bit like wearing a t-shirt with a hammer and sickle on it simply because you like the look of the symbol and being surprised when people assume you’re a communist or Marxist because of it.




    Ok… but by that rationale…. Who says I could not troll with any other avatar on?? An avatar is JUST a picture…. it doesn´t represent the person…. just like this guy that posted that link to the picture… I consider THAT trolling but whatever…. I don´t mind that…
    The thing is that BOTH topics I had posted where REDBULL oriented and in none of them did I disrespect ANYBODY…. Aren´t forums made to debate and exchange ideas and opinions??? If you can´t express yourself… then WTF?!!

    Oh and by the way… I´m not comunist, I´m very much right winged I just hate the fascist attitude in which you don´t allow others to have an opinion other than your own…



    Seriously disappointed you think you’re being victimised, I doubt that very much and I expect the pictures you posted were removed for legal reasons.
    I’ve certainly never seen any favouritism towards any specific team,just cool it and I’m sure all will be explained, if it hasn’t already.



    I commented on that Red Bull thread, and am quite curious to know where it’s gone and why.



    I´m not comunist, I´m very much right winged I just hate the fascist attitude

    For me, that is quote of the week.




    THANK YOU for saying that!! Was there something wrong in YOUR opinion about the topic?? Did I disrespect anyone?

    I´m happy that at least ONE person that had commented in that THREAD has wondered where it went!

    I don´t think it might have been for legal reasons(I might be mistaken) since I have seen links to other websites´pictures in here… so really… WTF?!




    Why is that?? I´m just curious…



    I’m sure there’s a reason. I hadn’t seen it since I posted hours ago, so have no idea what the posts following mine were like.



    Ok… but by that rationale…. Who says I could not troll with any other avatar on?? An avatar is JUST a picture….

    Of course anyone with any avatar can troll. But it’s human nature to assume things about people from how they present themselves. I have an avatar of a fish with the colours of Sauber, so you’ll automatically assume that I’m a Sauber fan – and you’d be correct. By the same token, people assuming you’re a troll when you use the trollface as an avatar isn’t really that surprising, in my opinion.

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