Audio set-up that really captures the essence Formula One

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    Anyone who’s ever visited a Grand Prix (or test session, or demo) will know that perhaps the biggest difference in experience between watching Formula One live, or on the tv, is the sound. That amazing, all-engulfing bubble of sound in which nothing else exists but you and that car.

    Now, unfortunately they don’t race in my backyard every weekend (I have a really big backyard) so I’ve been thinking about getting a good audio set-up to come close to capturing the sound experience. Either a set-up of boxes for the tv, or possibly a headphone.

    Does anyone have some good advice on this, and how does that experience compare?



    Well.. maybe I could help. I used to be a sound engineer, and studio acoustics and sound re production was was always fun.

    It depends a lot on your broadcast signal, and your viewing environment. I’m not from the UK, so I dont know whether you get f1 races broadcasted in regular stereo, or any different form.

    It also depends where you watch the race. What are the dimensions of the room, hall etc? Are there lots of mirrors and reflective surfaces or more audio absorbent surfaces -> etc.

    Fill me in on some details, and I could help you out



    I’m from the Netherlands, but I’m not paying for Sport1. I watch everything on BBC HD via cable tv (when BBC has a live race), or grab a webstream of Sky Sports F1.

    I have a 42″ full hd led tv on one side of the living room, and the couch on the other; approximately 5 meters distance between them, both against the wall. The window is to the side (so say, tv is north, couch is south, than the window is west, and east goes into the kitchen). We have flat carpet on the floor, and any furniture (with the exception of a small table) is set against the wall: nothing in the middle.

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