Austin Red Bull International Circuit?

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    As was discussed in today’s roundup, regarding naming of upcoming circuits, could this be a clue? Look who the Austin Statesman has cc’d on this tweet about a big announcement this Tuesday regarding the circuit:


    SPEED also made mention of a big announcement Tuesday.

    The US is a huge market for Red Bull (I would guess it’s their biggest), so I could see this being plausible.



    Dear FIA,

    we will sponsor you’re latest adventure into the USA, we will make sure the finances are in place in order to make sure it all goes to plan. Also, Sebastion didn’t weave that badly did he… Anyway as we said, title sponsorship for Austin will provide you with plenty to make it a success.

    Your’s Sincerely, RedBull.

    Obvious sarcasm, but some people beleive those kind of statements :P


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think that the Tweet being directed to Red Bull is proof that Red Bull are buying naming rights to the circuit. Especially since the wording of it seems to imply that it is a question the Red Bull feed as asked StatesmanF1.

    And according to Speed TV, there is going to be a special live edition of Speed Centre to co-incide with the annoucement, covering it. I don’t they’d do that just for the announcement of the circuit name – especially since the Indians did it two days ago and it barely registered. I’m willing to bet that this is the Austin circuit securing multiple championships to race at the venue. Possibly all in the week building up the the Grand Prix.



    What happens if the GP sponsor is different to the circuit sponsor.

    Will we have a Red Bull leading the Santander United States Grand Prix at the Austin Red Bull International Circuit?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    What happens if the GP sponsor is different to the circuit sponsor.

    It won’t happen. There would be an exclusivity clause in the contract. No other corporate sponsor could be involved in naming rights.

    Plus, like I said, it’s unlikely that this is just an annoucement of the circuit’s name. Speed TV are dedicating an entire special broadcast to the annoucement. Why would they do that just because an energy drinks company is sponsoring the circuit?



    Speed a the statesmen have both been active in promoting the idea so far (just as SPEED supported the USF1), good job there to bring the news and get people into it.

    Actually it might be what Prisoner Monkeys writes, a demo run and several Red Bull associated drivers getting involved.

    Or maybe it will be an announcement of Red Bull actually sponsoring the 2012 Red Bull Austin GP?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    It’s a special episode of “Speed Centre”. I don’t know what “Speed Centre” is or exactly what it involved because we don’t get it here, but it sounds like “RPM”, which is an Australian motorsports program. If I’m right, “Speed Centre” is dedicated to going in-depth into motorsports news and current events. And I don’t see how they could do detailed analysis on the announcement of a naming rights sponsor. Especially since the only proof that people can offer of this is a reply from the StatesmanF1 Twitter feed posted to the Red Bull feed that makes no mention of the possibility of Red Bull being a title sponsor of the circuit.

    I think you’re reading far too much into it.

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