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    Travis Oreali

    I am so p***** off that I’m struggling to type properly.

    Channel 10/One are airing the Japanese Grand Prix at 3am Monday morning, instead of live at what I think should be 5 or 6pm (?).

    And Quali is on at 4:30am Sunday morning.

    All because of the stupid Commonwealth Games which nobody cares about. I don’t know anyone who is watching or talking about it except for all the bad things that are happening.

    Why are they using both of their channels to broadcast the same thing?

    I suggest we (Australian) F1 fans get together and sign a massive petition to get their act together. They have a dedicated sports channel now yet use it incredibly bad. I don’t think they realise how big the F1 fan base is here.

    I havent been this annoyed since ‘Rusty’ announced after a commercial break that Schumacher had announced his retirement, THEN showed us the post-race press conference, ruining the whole thing.


    Travis Oreali


    Damn I’m just going by the online TV guide, but I think my EPG will be the same……..

    Yes it is on ONE live !

    Okay, crisis averted. The online guide must be wrong.

    This is the happiest I’ve been in the past half an hour!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Check again, Travis:


    One HD, 4:50pm Sunday afternoon. It clashes with Bathurst, but there’s not much that can be done about it. The race at three in the morning is simply the tape delayed version. If you don’t have One HD, stay off the internet on Sunday afternoon (or watch Bathurst), set your alarm clock for 2:30am and then go to bed early. Alternatively, mainline caffeine. I did it for the Brazilian Grand Prix (the bed early thing, not the caffeine overdose thing) last year, and it turned out just fine for me.



    PM, that may work for you, but I can not remember the last time I went to bed before 2:30am anyway, so getting to sleep at 10pm might be a problem…



    For the Sydney area atleast “yourtv.com.au” has qualifying at 4PM Saturday and the race at 4:50PM Sunday on OneHD. Couldn’t find the race on Channel 10 though.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    PM, that may work for you, but I can not remember the last time I went to bed before 2:30am anyway, so getting to sleep at 10pm might be a problem…

    Red Bull. Drink.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Couldn’t find the race on Channel 10 though.

    3:00am on Monday morning.


    OneHD showing everything live here in SA too, albeit without any build-up. No great loss, though.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hopefully Greg Rust is away in Delhi …



    Don’t panic too much:


    Seems I’ll be OK here in Adelaide… I checked ahead last week, too. My guess is they recognise what a good thing they’ll be on if Webber wins.

    Also – Cam had half a clue and was better to listen to, especially seeing how he tried out for Honda just before the Brawn rebirth. He knew what was what and also seemed to have finally hit his groove in front of the camera. The three stooges atm have a lot of catching up to do!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    “Rusty” is the only half-competent one there is!

    He’s the worst offender! He needs to be hooked up to a machine that dispenses increasing amounts of pain every time he says “Australia’s Mark Webber”. He has no idea about his subject content, and generally spends most of his time trying to bait people like James Allen into agreeing with him. Adrian Sutil impeded Webber during qualifying in Bahrain last year and Webber was out early. Rust strongly implied that Sutil would lose his superlicence for it, even though this was just an opinion, and he kept trying to get Peter Windsor to confirm that Sutil’s licence was under review because of it. I’d much rather Baird and Beattie because – despite their own occasional shortcomings – they’re actually racers.

    And at elast they got rid of Cameron McConville. He always seemed to resent the Formula 1 drivers for being in Formula 1 when he wasn’t. He kept trying to make up technical terms, too – I remember when they were discussing the delta time at Valencia this year, McConville started talking about a “gamma time”. I don’t understand why Channel Ten can’t just show us the BBC commentary without interruption. There’s no need for the Australian commentators; they’re the worst in the sport with their vague opinions. We miss some quality stuff from Brundle and the BBC because they’re too busy flapping gums about something they have no knowledge of. I actually made a list of every mistake they made (to prove a point) last year and had to stop after Malaysia because I couldn’t keep up with it. You know it’s a bad thing when they interrupt the BBC commentary because there’s a Red Bull on-screen and the BBC haven’t mentioned it yet – and just after they interrupt Brundle explaining why Ferrari made a mistake in putting extreme wets on Raikkonen’s car and how those tyres would behave in the dry (you know, talking about soemthing interesting), the on-screen graphic shows that it’s not Webber, but Vettel.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Okay, this is that list I told you about. I found it over at F1 Rejects where I posted it a year ago. Like I said, it’s Australia-Malaysia last year before it got to the point where I couldn’t keep up with their idiocy. And a warning before you begin reading – it’s cringe-worthy at best:

    – Assuring the Australian public that Mark Webber’s victory was a sure thing in both Melbourne and Sepang and that the Brawns, Williams and Toyotas did not pose a significant threat, even after those three teams utterly dominated and Jenson Button won in Melbourne. At least Hamilton actually did stand a chance when Allen did it in 2007 and 2008.

    – Cutting off the BBC’s commentary in Sepang when the race was halted, and taking the opportunity to talk mostly about Webber.

    – Cutting to a commecial break when, in their own words, “Things are just heating up here in Sepang”.

    – Cameron McConville commentating as if there is no difference between driving a V8 Supercar and a Formula One racer. He might have had a few laps of Motegi in an RA108, but it doesn’t make him an expert.

    – Treating Legard and Brundle the way Legard and Brundle treat Kravitz and Goodman: namely, people they’ll occasionally cut to.

    – Asking Peter Windsor infinite variations on questions about Mark Webber and ignoring the more interesting aspects of the event. In other words, generally wasting his time and his knowledge.

    – Referring to Brawn, Williams and Toyota as the “Diffuser Three” and making out that everyone in the paddock is using the name they came up with.

    – Trying to explain the new rules for 2009, only to cut to Brundle and Legard, who make things much clearer (and make less errors).

    – Simply calling out what they see – like “And there’s Kimi Raikkonen on the extreme wets!” – as opposed to Brundle, who will detail why Ferrari chose them and the implications of them having made the right and the wrong choice (ie explaining why an extreme wet won’t last in dry conditions and what would happen if he were on worn extreme wets when the rain comes down).

    – Treating their audience like idiots when the delayed telecast generally means only seasoned fans will tune in.

    – Giving no new information in the introduction; their analysis is generally limited to talking about the last race and how Mark Webber will do in this one, usually implying once again that his victory is guaranteed if they don’t come out and say it anyway.

    – Fundamental inability to describe the circuit in detail during flying laps; for instance, turns twelve, thirteen and fourteen at Sepang are interesting because no two drivers have the same line through those three corners, so it’s critical to a lap. All Rust and McConville could tell us was that it was near the end of the lap.

    – During the inteviews with drivers in the build-up to the Australian Grand Prix, they asked the drivers some of the dumbest questions I have ever heard out of a commentator’s mouth. Webber’s reactions in particular were hilarious.

    – Calling Vettel’s car as being Webber’s even when the on-screen graphic reads “Vettel” and the helmet is clearly the German’s.

    – Ignoring the fact that Webber had a far surperior car to Hamilton when the Australian passed him and instead entoning that Webber had just passed the World Champion.

    – Being overly-critical of the other drivers when they make mistakes. The fact that they don’t do it to Webber – and indeed, ignore his errors, even when they’re worse than the competition – just goes to show they’re obviously making Webber out to be a sure thing of victory.

    – They have, on occasion, been known to correct Martin Brundle. A man who actually knows what he’s talking about.

    – Buzzwords. I have heard entire sentences out of their mouths that are little more than a string of buzzwords put together in roughly the right order but mean nothing. Sometimes they even do this during interviews with drivers.

    – Interrupting the commentary from the BBC or ITV to update Australia on Mark Webber’s progress. This is generally because Webber is the car on-screen and Brundle and Allen/Legard didn’t mention him straight away.

    – Showing absolutely no imagination in the way they commentate; ie referring to Brawn as being a “fairytale weekend” and other such drivel.

    In short, I find it embarrassing to tune into these guys. Thank God for TiVo; I can skip through it all when I’m at home. I’m not so lucky when I’m at uni.



    I mostly watch the races on mute when I watch them live, so the guys on ONE don’t bother me much… I always download the beeb torrent which is always much better…



    Is it just me, or does Darryl Beattie seem really really high when he is on TV?

    It seems like he is about to fall asleep at any moment (as am I when I watch them)


    Travis Oreali

    Haha what a list PM. I’m so sure everybody here has loads more. The one I put at the start of this thread about them announcing Schumacher’s retirement is my personal favourite (or rather most hated moment).

    I remember watching one of the “pre-race’ shows and soon discovered it was just news that has been on here and other F1 sites during the week.

    I guess they do a good-ish job for the non dedicated F1 fans. My dad tunes in to the F1 now and again and I think he likes the guys. Then again, that is probably a bad thing as he’ll value their opinions.

    I only wish they’d do another live show and we could somehow get tickets (I think that one was invite only for Mercedes customers though) – it’d be worth it to even get kicked off set for proving these guys idiots.

    Going straight to the BBC would be much better. But I doubt Channel 10 would ever do it.

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