Avalon Motor Park in place of Albert Park for the Australian GP

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    I happen to stumble along the plans for Avalon new race track, potentially for V8supercars and even F1. Given how superior the track looks, should the race be shifted from Albert Park?

    Avalon Motor Park



    The esses leave me pretty meh, but I love the bent front-straight! Kind of a neat feature.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m pretty sure Ron Walker has already shot down the prospect of moving the race away from Albert Park.



    I’d give it another fast corner, maybe loosen up the esses. Other than that, looks good!



    I don’t particularly like the switchback section on paper, but it otherwise looks alright.



    I was led to believe that this was Lindsay Fox’s project and partly instigated to keep the F1’s in Melbourne.



    I’m hardly a Tilke fan, but if this is the alternative, I might have to become one. How many useless slow corners can you get into 5km?



    I agree with necrodethmortem. The esses look okay, but are neutered by the fact that there’s a slow corner straight after them, so the drivers wont carry any speed through the exit. Also, what is with the slow corners!? Seriously, on that circuit there are 7 ‘fast’ corners, but three of these will simply be acceleration zones, and 8 slow corners. Utterly ridiculous.

    I’ve never been a fan of Tilke, but I have to say his plans for the New Jersey Grand Prix look incredible, and this is as bad as some of the worst dross he’s come up with.


    Stephen Jones

    yeah, i’m 90% sure this got shot down a couple of years ago..

    There’s no point in F1 coming to Australia if it’s racing at a tilke-drome in the middle of nowhere (no, this isn’t tilke). They might as well just build a track in europe..



    How about the Australian Grand Prix returning to it’s roots and use some rural road? Think about the amazing Lobethal, Longford, Gnoo Blas and of course Bathurst.

    Here’s a possible track: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5438451

    The layout is a bit of a reference to Longford and Gnoo Blas, with long straights with tricky fast bends and hard, tricky braking zones. Pretty remote, but only a 1 and 3/4 hour drive from the capital and less than 4 hours from Sydney. I bet some Aussies have neighbors that live further away than that :P



    Well, Longford isn’t an option as it’s all built over now. Major highways are in place of the original track, and only 2 or 3 bends of the circuit remain, with the flying mile still intact. The viaduct is completely inaccessible by road and the bridge that led back to the start/finish straight no longer exists. :-(



    I’ve got two words for you – Phillip Island! I know, too thin, too this, too that… but what a spectacle


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @thecollaroyboys – What spectacle? Phillip Island has produced some terrible racing in the V8s, so I doubt Formula 1 could do any better.



    Lobethal would be AMAZING! Although highly impractical…

    For those that don’t know it, the track is in the Adelaide Hills, about 30-40 minute drive from the CBD. Its about 14km long and similar to what the old Spa circuit would have been like, long straight built on country roads passing through small towns.


    It hasn’t been used for racing since the 1940’s but they had held several demonstrations there a few years ago with classic cars and motorbikes that raced on the track in the 1930’s and 40’s.

    It would never happen but we can dream.. :)



    Sadly, none of the existing or historical rural tracks are possible, maybe apart from Gnoo Blas, that’s why I proposed a new track.

    I think a countryside Grand Prix would add a lot of character to the F1 calendar. Maybe instead of one of those sterile modern concrete shoebox pits, they could give each team their own barn.

    In my search I also found a road that reminds me of the old Francorchamps. It has a La Source, a Masta kink and a Blanchimont :)

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