Back to back races

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    Has anybody got any idea’s why with so many back to back races next year, and the usual complaints from teams on short time scales to prepare for the second of these races that the most obvious pairing has never, AKAIK, been done.

    That is the German and Belgium races. The distance from Hochenhiem to Spa is approx 300 km and the distance from the Nurburgring to Spa is a miserly 78 km.



    Back-to-back flyaway races aren’t that bad actually, according to Joe Saward. Since there are no motorhomes, all the teams need to do is put everything into boxes, send them on their way and open them again a few days later. European back-to-backs are much worse.


    sbl on tour

    plus it would make a damn fine roadtrip holiday, 2 races in successive weekends and a leisurely drive in between picking up a few motor museums on the way, beezer or what!

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