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    A point for the fastest lap used to be awarded and then got dropped. Anyone know why? Isn’t F1 about speed?

    Look at half the races Vettel has won this year… are they due to fantastic driving and decisive moves… or just great reliability and being on pole?

    I’m fed up of the fastest car winning everything! Whats the point in having F1 drivers anymore. Are you seriously telling me that Sebastian Vettel is the only man in the world who can get that Red Bull around the track that quick? He pockets all the points… thanks very much!

    I’m not saying the other points ideas would work… but I do feel sorry for the new teams who struggle to stay in the sport and then add a nil points to the hall of fame for all their hard work.



    If the fastest lap time was only awarded to somebody in the top 10, then that single point wouldn’t make a difference as they’d have already scored the point they needed. And now that the points are higher, the chances of a single point being the decider are also likely to be slimmer. Whereas in the past a point for fastest lap represented as much as 12.5% of a race win, a single point now would only be 4%.

    I looked it up and yes Hamilton scored the title by getting a fastest lap. But so what? He hadn’t abandoned his race solely to do a quali-like run and gain a single point, so he race wouldn’t have been any poorer for it. The problem came because the holder of fastest lap set it under yellow flaps, so Hamilton inherited the point post-race. This isn’t really any different to if a post-race race penalty were given to somebody and that decided the final race. Plus, the previous holder of the fastest lap was also the winner of that race, so he quite easily COULD have been given time-penalty rather than just have the lap removed.

    It isn’t perfect, but the chances of it affecting a championship showdown doesn’t seem hugely likely, and even if it did, why would it be negative to see a driver fighting not only for a win but also fastest lap in a desperate bid to win the championship?



    fair comment



    Points for overtaking reminds me of Sutil in Korea, he’d pass Buemi and then fall behind him again!

    I don’t see the need for it, the current points system is already flawed enough.



    Maybe if we want to give anything for things like fastest pitstop, FLAP, best sector time, best overtake, most overtakes, places gained etc. including pole position laps it should not be something influencing the championship battle, as that is based on race results.

    Instead I can imagine trophies, possibly tied with a monetary bonus to help with budgets, given to such achievements.

    Maybe have separate “championships/ratings” for FLAPion, Polebeast, overtaking whizz, sector cruncher, pitstopmaniac etc. where some kind of ceremony might be staged at the end of the season / during the winter would be a welcome addition to the season. Indeed, why not introduce something like a real “Rookie of the year” and give an award. It might even help some of these guys to actually stay in F1.

    All of that might add to the interest and make drivers go for that extra something to get in the spotlight. But please do not skew the championship battle for that. It would only make the championship more complicated.



    It would be a disaster if championship ended up being won by fastest laps, but surely a scenario where drivers need only a point for fastest lap to become champion are pretty rare…

    Everyone out of the points would just pit on the last lap so they can get a point for fastest lap.

    Also could you imagine if we had a Brazil 08 scenario and we have to wait out to find who set the fastest lap before finding out who was champion.



    That’s why only points scorers could be eligible for fastest lap. In Brazil 08, why would you have to wait to find out who set the fastest lap? The information would already be known.

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