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    Was it just me or was the BBC coverage pants this weekend?

    It was really dull, other than the fight between Massa and Jenson they didn’t show much of the action at all.

    We didn’t see much of the mid field over taking and there was minimal coverage of Rubens or Heidfeld trying to come up through the field.

    I read this morning that Rubens was given a drive through for hitting Rosberg, did he take it? I didn’t see the BBC mention this at all.

    Was I just half asleep with boredom?



    Aren’t the feeds all identical? Just the commentaries are different..

    Blame FOM



    I wasn’t aware of that, blame has been adjusted ;)



    Yeah the BBC don’t have anything to do with the feed, maybe replays, but i’m not even sure they do that either.

    I thought the BBC’s coverage was really good. Brundle and Coulthard were really impressive given their lack of experience in those specific roles.

    They did mention Barrichello’s penalty, but then you can be excused as it was an early start for us in the UK.

    I didn’t find the race dull at all, it wasn’t going to be the best of races, as it was the first race, teams getting used to all the new rules and settling down etc..

    Just think back to ITV’s coverage…..



    Maybe I am being to harsh, I think it was just anticlimactic because:

    * Williams and Heidfeld failed to capitalise on their pre season potential

    * DRS didn’t seem to have a dramatic effect on the result

    * Redbull walked it without KERS :(

    * A small(er) team did well and then had the result wiped out.

    * Team Lotus (the green one) have gained 1/2 a second but it is no where near enough to compete

    * The pirelli tyre wear was overstated

    Now expectations have been reset I am sure I will be back up to speed for Malaysia



    Jakes gormless look was the problem the BBC’s coverage.



    Well there is always a bit of an anticlimax with first races, as we finally find out the order, and whatever wishes we have are either made true, or don’t materialise.

    I join you in wishing Williams could have shown the pace they seemed to have in testing, but then in the practice sessions this weekend they were near the top of the field, so I think there is some pace in that car, and Barrichello just didn’t help things by going off the track twice.

    Heidfeld was a real shock with him first qualifying so low down, but then not making any progress due to a damaged car.

    I don’t think DRS is meant to have a “dramatic” effect, otherwise this would be too artificial, lets not judge it too soon, as it did provide 2 overtakes for Button, and more down the field.

    Red Bull did walk it, but without KERS they could be vulnerable at the start again, and down long straights with DRS and KERS combined.




    None of the points in your last post are anything to do with the BBC, though.

    I thought their coverage of quali was a harbinger of doom – looking forward to another season of nothing but interviews with Horner and Whitmarsh, with the rest of the grid being ignored. The forum was much better, though, and Jake and others tweeted afterwards that they hoped we enjoyed it “with lots of drivers” – so I think they listened to the critics and acknowledged it. Whether they changed their planned setup for the forum or not, I don’t know, but it was good to see.

    If they roll that out to the main feed so we’re not stuck with 1hr of “Big 3” followed by the same discussions being rehashed by the commentators, followed by the same stuff rehashed on the postrace show, we’re in fine shape.

    Pity you can’t have alternative red button commentary on the HD channel however



    I was a bit disappointed. This was the first f1 forum I’ve watched, hoping to see some of the less public drivers interviewed, such as Alonso. But instead it was the same usual stuff. Lewis, Mclaren, Button and Redbull.

    I liked seeing DC covered in cake, and treating it as if it was acid. I like Jake and DC, their awsum :P



    @infy – THey had the guys from Sauber in for a chat and Di Resta? I think they made for better interviews than Vettel would have for example.

    There was alot of attention focussed on the DRS with the rear camera, probably to ease people into it.



    The main part of the forum I liked was Petrov gripping his trophy like he stole it and got away.



    Ogami – Heidfeld not doing well is actually covered by your original point. He got pranged in the first corner and his sidepod was gaping open for the whole race. Pity we weren’t shown.. :-(


    Mark Hitchcock

    Not about the BBC and not a negative thing (so maybe I’ve picked exactly the wrong thread to comment on…) but one thing I really liked were the new additions to the on-screen graphics.

    A lot more focus on increases and decreases in time-gaps and laptimes made the race much easier to follow than last year for people who don’t have access to the live timing.



    the FOM feed also missed Webber on Kobayashi

    I do like the new NASCAR-inspired graphics though that show current position and time delta’s which are constantly updated

    I started a thread on these forums last year about how FOM could learn a lot from NASCAR coverage, and it seems they have



    The graphics were good, really good and look much better.

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