BBC vs Sky: the verdict

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    -not sure if I’m making a duplicate thread. If so, please close thread-

    So, we’re almost at the end of an F1 season, that saw two UK broadcasters bringing Formula 1 to our living rooms.

    Simple question: which one do you think had the best live F1 coverage in 2012?



    Ever since Bahrain I have watched Sky (unless I have not been able to) and I have enjoyed the coverage, I think that the race commentary is great and I have enjoyed the race build up, when ever I watch the BBC now I think it is boring and a bit 20th Century, however if it was not on Sky I would probably think BBC was great, Sky has just grown on me massively, it is just a shame you have to pay for it in my opinion.



    We have a thread called BBC or Sky when both are live?, which I had to find through Google with considerable difficulty, as F1 Fanatic’s own search function still isn’t working for me (@keithcollantine). Even though the title of that topic refers only to their live coverage, the debate has extended to comparing their coverage overall. I’ll close this thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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