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    Is it only me that seems to think that the BBC website F1 writers and bloggers seem to report on each race as if its the end of a drivers season if they don’t finish on the podium.

    It could be quote selections but each time a driver is a bit behind for any reason the next race they have to “recover” or “get their season back on track. I understand Ferrari maybe but they seem to be saying it alot about McLaren and Mercedes. Its like its boom or bust in their eyes. When Vettel didn’t win in China they seemed to indicate he had to get back on track but no one else really seems to think that, its just motor racing and you can’t win every race.

    I don’t see this in the TV reporting that seems a bit more acknowledgement of the long season still ahead

    Or it could just be me!?



    I can see where you are coming from George, they often over sensationalise things, but then they are a mainstream form of media. They are advertising the next race to make sure everyone is going to watch.

    You have to keep in mind that it is the BBC, and not as specialist as other F1 websites like this one we are writing on here. The BBC can’t go into as much technical detail as maybe dedicated F1 sites can because that isn’t necessarily their audience.

    To be fair though, I don’t feel they do it that much. Most of the blogs are an enjoyable read. I enjoy the BBC’s F1 website, especially things such as Andrew Benson’s Classic F1 and Martin Brundle’s post race reviews.



    The sensationalism is always there and has annoyed me for a while, but it’s the BBC and I don’t have to go there for all my news. Thankfully Brundle and Murray come along once in a while and put things in perspective. I don’t respect Benson at all.

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