Behind the scenes of F1 race

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    Hello to all of you, i’d like to share my thoughts.

    One thing bothers me lately – How big are the crews that monitor one F1 car’s data during the race? I mean engineers that check the engine, tyres, aerodynamics, suspension, gearbox, all that data from 200 sensors mounted on the F1 car (or is it more nowdays?) so they can feed the drivers with suggested settings and work out the strategy for pit stops etc.? It must be a lot, considering all the pit crew (apart from the mechanics changing tyres, they have their own job to worry about), guys in buses behind the pits, and the technology centers in factories.

    Also, if you know, how much data is a F1 car sending to the pits every lap? I read somewhere it’s about 1.3GB – the telemetry, cameras, and the sound combined, i’m not sure about it though. I’d be grateful if anyone has info on this.

    All theese stats are awesome to me, i’m now trying to convince my friends to start watching F1 instead of this football rubbish, and that is hugely impressive to hear – gives you an idea of how awe inspiring this sport is, only i’d like to get it straight.

    Cheers to all F1 fanatics, and i’m sure you can help me with this!



    Forget the numbers, show ’em some in-car footage around Monaco! :)



    Aw well Monaco is lovely but sometimes you just need a good nerd-fest to impress people :D

    Try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz-i5AEzGMc

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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