Bernie thinks that 16 races is perfect for one F1 season.

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    Bernie Ecclestone concedes an ideal season should consist of only 16 grands prix.


    20 races is something they can arrange without any trouble. More then 20 is possible if the races like Bahrain & Abu Dhabi & Malaysia & Singapore countries which are closed together are arrange back to back so that it will save them money. They can also finish the races in stages, like the Asian rounds at first, then the North American’s rounds, & finally the European rounds.


    Fer no.65

    Only 16 Grand Prix… but he wants USA in, Abu Dhabi of course, Singapore, Korea, Bahrain and India for sure. Then Malaysia, Turkey and Valencia. And Silverstone already has a deal with him. Oh, and also Rome, apparently.

    That’s 11 Grand Prix already in. So 5 left. Between Montreal, Nurburgring/Hockenheim, Suzuka, Spa, Hugary, Barcelona, Monaco of course, Monza, Australia, Interlagos and Shangai.

    Why do I feel Bernie is just talking bull….? he doesn’t care how many GPs the teams have to attend, he loves making new deals.

    Anyway, he’ll have to drop Shangai, Istambul or Suzuka if 20 is the limit for 2012… hope it’s Shangai.



    I thought Bernie wanted 26 GPs a year, one every fortnight?



    I think 20 races a season is perfect and I actually really like the calender we have now. I don’t think one country should hold multiple Grands Prix though and we need a Russian and South African Grand Prix. I think France and Scandinavia need Grands Prix too, so my proposed calender is below (In region not in order)

    Australia – Albert Park

    Japan – Suzuka

    Malaysia – Sepang

    Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina Circuit

    China – Shanghai International Circuit

    India – Jaypee Circuit

    Canada – Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

    USA – Austin

    Brazil – Interlagos

    South Africa – ??

    Italy – Monza

    UK – Silverstone

    France – Paul Ricard

    Spain – Aragon

    Germany – Nurburgring

    Belgium – Spa

    Monaco – Monaco

    Russia – ??

    Turkey – Istanbul Park

    Finland – ??


    Red Andy

    The reason Bernie only wants 16 GPs per year is because, according to the terms of the Concorde Agreement, he has to pay the teams extra for each GP that goes on the calendar, over and above the initial 16.



    Bernie’s brain is beginning to rust. Only 16 races a year??? Every year we have seen new circuits added across the world specifically for F1 races. Either Bernie has gone senile or hes thinking about his wallet again. I think 20 races a year is good.

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