Bernie's Black Eye

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    Has anyone seen this yet?


    That man seems indestructible, it could’ve set him into Cardiac-arrest or worst. Long live Bernie!!


    Ned Flanders

    Oh wow, that’s pretty awful. Horrible to hear how they ripped his girlfriends earring’s out too. The people who did this sound like utter scum



    He’s invincible, that’s a massive shiner! Wonder what car he was in to attract attention?


    Red Andy

    The events of the past few days have reinforced my belief that Bernie will never die. Or, if he does, he will somehow manage to keep control of F1 from beyond the grave, like Kim il-Sung.



    The fact they did that to an 80-year-old… Scum indeed.



    I feel sorry for Bernie, for him being mugged. I am sure these idiots who did this knew who he is, and they probably thought he would be carrying around shitloads of values.

    This just goes to show how clever he is. The way he appears in the media, he seems like an arrogant, greedy, old man. Though I assume he is a really good guy. The thing is that when everybody thinks he is an idiot, the guys who actually know him will describe him as a good guy. This combined with the amount of power he has, makes him intimidating to some, and respected by everybody.

    He is not able to hide his big wealth, so naturally people will target him in robberies. He knows this and therefore dont carry around expensive things.



    A bunch of guys kicking and punching an 80 year old, 164cm tall man who really can’t do a think to defend himself and a woman… I’m sorry if it may sound harsh, but I think this kind of scum does not even deserve to live.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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