Best 1st Lap Start 2010

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    What was your favourite 1st lap race-start of the 2010 campaign?

    Mine is a toss up between Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps. But to choose, it would have to be Silverstone. With Webber out-pacing Vettel at the start and watching SV go wide and the Hamilton collecting 2nd place, it started off a great race for me to enjoy as I felt Vettel was “the baddie” at that moment.



    Canada, everyone said there’d be bumps an a saftey car, Massa and Luizzi went mental and tried to kill each other, the supersofts were going off basically by the hair pin and you just new it was going to be a fantastic race. An there was never, not even one, saftey car.



    Gr8 shout Scribe! I still dnt know how their was no safety car! Kobayashi burying his car in Wall of Champions lol.



    Being a Webber fan I’d have to say Silverstone, seeing Webber charge through past Vettel and give him the big “don’t argue”. I was there live for the Australia GP start and that first lap was pretty excited, wet tracks, some amazing starts by Massa and Petrov, first corner crash with Alonso, Button and Schumacher, and then Kobayshi smashing into Buemi and Hulkenburg, plus lots of passing. Great first lap action.



    Melbourne and Spa.


    Ned Flanders

    China was pretty good saying as there was a bit of a pile up with Liuzzi, Buemi and Kobayashi, and half the field dived in the pits at the end of the lap


    Stephen Jones

    Melbourne and Spa again..

    Both almost wet tracks

    Both with cars diving every direction

    Both with me standing on top of the couch yelling “this is awesome!”


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Vitaly Petrov had a really good start early on. It might have been Melbourne or Sepang – he picked up six places by the first corner.



    It was Aus PM although petrov generally is a good starter when he avoids trouble. I think Bruno moved up to 15th at the start of that race too if I’m not mistaken.

    My favourite was Germany just for Felipe but to be honest Vettel made that so easy for him. I loved the start at Korea as it meant we were finally gettong a race!

    I’d go with Scribe’s choice though for action but Japan was pretty good too. Japan had Liuzzi and Massa crashing so we got the inevitable safety car and then had the bonkers moment of Kubica’s wheel just rolling away. I was very, very tired that morning though so maybe the lack of sleep just made it seem more crazy than it was.



    Ow did Alonso’s car survive in Spa?? If that was Hamilton, BANG! out!! That MP4/25 was made out of paper!!



    For action, I think Suzuka – one car out before the race, then four more before Turn 2.

    The one that I was happiest with was Germany, as it was nice to see Massa take the lead, especially considering it was the one year anniversary of his crash. I forget what happened afterwards though for some reason :P

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