Best circuits/corners for overtaking

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    I don’t think this has been done before. What do you think are the best circuits and corners for natural overtaking? No DRS or KERS.

    My list would go like this:

    1. Interlagos – Senna S
    2. Spa Francorchamps – Les Combes
    3. Shangai – Turn 14
    4. Istambul Park – Turn 12
    5. Monza – Rettifilo
    6. Yeongam – Turn 3
    7. Montreal – Champions Chicane
    8. Buddh Circuit – Turn 4
    9. Sepang – Final Harpin
    10. Siverstone – Prior

    I tried to stick with one overtaking spot per circuit, otherwise the Bus Stop Chicane (Spa), Variante Roggia (Monza), and Reta Oposta (Interlagos) might’ve bumped in the list somewhere.



    I disagree with Turn 4 Buddh. There is way too little grip off line.

    In their current configurations I’d add the Bus stop chicane at Spa (as you say), Nurburgring T1 is also not too bad


    Dan Thorn

    Does it have to be current tracks? Because if not Adelaide hairpin at Magny-Cours was always a brilliant spot for action, the long, fast, tricky corner before it (Estoril) generated errors and the wide exit of the hairpin allowed for a variety of different lines to be taken. I really miss that track.



    Senna S for sure…



    Raidillon! XD



    On seconds thought, the Loews Harpin at Monaco should be nr. 1! Do you remember Schumacher this year? :P

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