Best drivers in f1 today

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    The best drivers in f1 today are:F. Alonso,S.Vettel,L.Hamilton,J.Button,N.Rosberg.



    I agree with your first three names; the last two in my opinion are in the close tier 2.



    @raymondu999.based on techniques and consistency,J.Button is a better driver than N.Rosberg



    Possibly; but this thread is something that no one will ever agree on. I’m sticking to my opinion; you can stick to yours. ;)



    For me if you sort it out into tiers; I think Alonso,Vettel and 2007 Hamilton is the best. But 2011 Hamilton, for me, is on “tier 2” with, maybe Kubica Rosberg Button.



    Well based on this year, I think Schumacher’s just as fast as Rosberg, on race day, that is.

    I’m yet to be fully convinced by Kubica and Rosberg yet. I think we need to see them under championship pressure before we can properly judge them. It’s one thing to go for it in a underachieving car with nothing to lose, but something else to do it consistently over a year in a championship battle. Also, Kubica was outscored by Heidfeld at BMW over their time together, and Rosberg probably hasn’t even been faster than Schumacher this year in the races.

    I agree with Tier 1 as Vettel/Alonso/Hamilton (no particular order), with Tier 2 including Button/Webber/Massa with the jury still out on Rosberg and Kubica.



    Vettel, Button, Hamilton, Alonso.

    In my opinion, Nico is better in qualifying but weaker in the races than Michael. Anyway, the fact that 42 year old Michael is on pace with him after 3 years of break made me rethink my very positive opinion about him. His results are still absent after such a long time( some may say that it was the case for Button too, but it would be incorrect, since Button was almost runner-up in 2004).

    Kubica’s career in F1 has come to a sad end, Nick’s too so tier 2 for me: Michael, Nico(both of them) and Webber. But I’d like to mention that the F1 field has many talented drivers that could become in time tier 2 or even 1 material.



    I have to say, Alonso and Hamilton Tier 1 drivers,

    Tier 2, Vettel, Button, Roseberg, Schumi, Kubica.

    Below them, Webber, and everyone else. Last year no one would have put Vettel up there with Alonso and Hamilton and i still put think that way. Put them in the same car and Im sure the Verdict would be out.



    Come to think of it; I agree fully with ed24f1; except I don’t think I’d put Webber in that group. I consider Vettel/Alonso/Hamilton (or at least, 2007 spec Hamilton) to be the top drivers, of “multiple wdc” class. This year’s Hamilton I would consider to be tier 2, with Button/Massa, who I class under “single wdc” class. Webber/Kubica/Rosberg, for me, are of the “multiple race winner” class.

    I always rated Vettel highly, having followed his career since 2003. Even last year I rated him highly; clearly (for me) the fastest driver around; though he had a load of mistakes. This year, he has (again, for me) escalated to a whole new level. No errors; decisive overtakes, good defensive driving, etc. Even Alonso has publicly praised the 2011-spec Vettel



    To Harvs : I think last year it was obvious to everybody Vettel was top class. In fact, if not for his mistakes, which a driver you picked as better than him still makes, last year would have been almost like this year.

    If I’d have to choose the best driver I’d only think of Vettel. Don’t speak in the name of others, I would have put him among the best since 2008.


    Dan Thorn

    Alonso and Vettel. They’re brilliant all rounders – both are intelligent, strong willed and capable of leading a team, whilst at the same time being ferociously fast. They make very few mistakes, and those that they do make are often only minor ones which cost them very few points.

    They marry searing pace to outstanding consistency, which over the course of a season and given a decent enough car is a near enough unbeatable combination. Sure, on some days they might be outraced by a Lewis, out thought by a Jenson, or out gritted by a Webber but none of them are able to do so consistently enough, are their deficiencies in other areas offset the great work they do in others.

    If I had to pick between Alonso and Vettel I’d say Alonso, but that’s only because he’s proven he can fight at the front over a longer period of time with different teams. Give it five years or so and I’ve got a feeling I might be humming a different tune!



    I hate to have to put him there, but Vettel would definitely be in Tier 1 with Hamilton and Alonso. Tier 2 would have Button, Kubica and possibly Webber and Rosberg. Tier 3 would have Massa and possibly a few others in. Hamilton atm lacks consistency, but there is no doubt that he is one of the best drivers on the grid. Vettel’s pace has been brilliant this year, and he has fully capitalised on having the best car in a way similar to Schumacher used to. Alonso is just class (pains me to say it)- he puts in great drives and isn’t as mistake-prone as Hamilton.

    Button lacks the speed to be with the best, but he is a great driver nonetheless.



    What Dan said although for me Alonso will probably still edge it in a few years.



    For me Alonso is definitely the most complete driver on the grid. He’s so strong in every area. You only have to look at where Massa is in the standings to see what Alonso can do that Massa can’t. Ferrari don’t have the second quickest car, yet Alonso is in third behind the two Red Bull drivers.

    I can’t judge Vettel yet as what makes a great driver for me is the ability to fight at the front even when you don’t have the quickest car. Vettel has had the best car for about 2 and a half seasons now and this can be a huge factor in success. I still think he is up there and is showing week by week how he is growing into a more complete driver. He has the ability to think outside the car and think of other things than just passing the next car. If he wins the championship this year, which he most likely will do, then it will be a much better win than 2010.

    As for the third best on the grid it’s hard to say. Hamilton and Button are more evenly matched than even I thought this year and that is partly down to both drivers I believe. Hamilton need more consistency in his results and Button has really come into his own.

    I don’t think Rosberg is quite up there with these four because of late. Webber for me is with Rosberg but it really surprises me he hasn’t won in a year, but then if you’ve got Vettel in the same equipment that is going to be hard.



    Couldn’t agree more with Dan. Alonso and Vettel are indeed the most complete drivers on the grid, I’d say Alonso is slightly better, but that’s probably because of having more experience.

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