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    after each race, a give drivers a grade from 0-10 for the weekend. based on that, check out my top ten after 4 races and comment, if you like:
    1. ALO 8,65
    2. RAI 7,99
    3. PER 7,44
    4. VET 7,44
    5. DIR 7,30
    6. BUT 7,15
    7. WEB 7,04
    8. HAM 7,01
    9. VER 6,81
    10. GRO 6,74

    ROS had two really poor weekends in the beginning of the season and is ranked 18th. MAS, DLR and KAR are the bottom three.

    best grades so far:
    ALO in Malaysia and RAI in Bahrain: 10,0
    ALO & BUT in Australia, PER in Malaysia and ROS in China: 9,5
    VET & DIR in Bahrain, SEN in Malaysia: 9,0



    Can you post the full list?



    11. MAL 6,68
    12. SEN 6,66
    13. MSC 6,56
    14. PET 6,49
    15. GLO 6,40
    16. ROS 6,34
    17. HUL 6,30
    18. RIC 6,11
    19. KOB 6,02
    20. PIC 5,66
    21. KOV 5,54
    22. MAS 5,49
    23. DLR 5,41
    24. KAR 4,01

    it’s 75% average grade, 10% current form (last 3 races), 15% best results.



    I personally have Vettel higher than Perez – but we’re agreed on the top 3 drivers of the year after that. I think the top 3 drivers this year so far have been Kimi, Sebastian and Fernando.

    I’m slightly confused on where I can truly place Fernando amongst these three – but only because we have no true benchmark of the car. Judging by looking at Massa’s driving I still don’t think he’s back to his 2008/2009 peak.

    But I still think it’s a tossup between those three for the best driver of 2012. So far.



    the difference for me: Fernando has been constant, the others not quite as constant…



    It’s difficult to judge what “constant” is IMO. Kimi has certainly made mistakes in qualifying, and one time because of his gearbox penalty.

    But with tyres that seem to be able to tip the scales in the pecking order (with a bad team working their tyres well seemingly able to outperform a good team that’s not using their tyres well) I think it’s hard to call if someone is consistently getting an average performance or good performance.

    I mean, for example (this is a hypothetical example) what’s to say the Ferrari wasn’t the quicker racecar than the Sauber? Maybe the Ferrari on that day was quicker than Sauber – just that Alonso didn’t have the confidence to really push in the wet. Again; I’m not saying that’s the case – but it’s certainly a hypothetical possibility.

    If you’re talking about constant/consistency though – you can’t go wrong with Mark Webber. As Keith pointed out the other day in his stats and facts post – 4 in a row is the longest number of times someone’s filled the same spot. :P



    The first thing I’ve noticed is that I think you’ve been a bit harsh on Hamilton. As far as I can remember, Hamilton hasn’t made a single mistake this season. He has outqualified Jenson 4-0, and other than Aus, has probably had the quicker pace in the race when in equal conditions regarding traffic etc. Despite pretty awful luck, he’s kept his head, raced well adn picked up enough points to still be well in the championship fight.



    I think it’s just horses for courses in a way – if you start on pole; anything less than pole will be considered an unsatisfactory performance, especially if it’s a front row lockout for the team.



    i consider the weekend as a whole, including the saturday.
    hamilton has done well in general, i would agree. i gave him a 7,5 weekend each for australia and china, and a 6,5 for malaysia and bahrain. with the car he has, which i consider to be slightly better than the others, it is surprising that he hasn’t won a race yet.
    button is in front because overall he had a much better race sunday in australia and, in my view, a slightly better performance in china as well. hamilton was better in the other two, but the 9,5 in australia for a great button is making the difference so far. it’s tight though.
    by the way, i do think hamilton is the superior f1 driver although i really like button and think he is talented since the early 2000s. all in all the best driver duo on the grid.



    Not sure how you only give Vettel a 9 in Bahrain for taking a hattrick
    Not sure how Kimi gets a 10 for screwing up in qualy, which cost him possibly the win.
    Other than that i see where you’re going.
    For me te best drivers of the first 4 races have been Alonso, di Resta and Hamilton



    update after Spanish GP:

    1. ALO 8,75
    2. RAI 8,06
    3. VET 7,53
    4. HAM 7,52
    5. MAL 7,43
    6. GRO 7,02
    7. PER 6,93
    8. DIR 6,90
    9. VER 6,75
    10. BUT 6,71
    11. KOB 6,64
    12. ROS 6,61
    13. HUL 6,56
    14. WEB 6,49
    15. GLO 6,43
    16. SEN 6,23
    17. PET 6,20
    18. MSC 6,15
    19. RIC 5,93
    20. KOV 5,82
    21. DEL 5,58
    22. PIC 5,48
    23. MAS 5,25
    24. KAR 4,01



    Alonso has done a good job this season, but his high rating mostly stems from the ongoing theory that the Ferrari is simply a horrible car, and when other champions are performing well, it’s because they drive the faster cars. All BS aside, Alonso’s Ferrari really isn’t ‘only’ the 7th slowest car.



    I think it is, @mnmracer. The RB, McLaren & Lotus are better for sure, Mercedes, Sauber and Williams are at the same level.



    I’d swap Hamilton and Raikkonen personally
    other than that I don’t think anything is glaringly obvious. Maybe di Resta a touch higher



    @91jb12 Yeh I would do the same. For me Fernando and Lewis have been the outstanding performers this year so far

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