Best Drive & Win from the WC of the Millennium

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    Yesterday night I was listing to the commentary of 2006 Brazilian GP in my mp3 & then came in my mind about this.As I have been watching F1 since 2000 so I will start this with all the 6 drivers that have won WC since then.

    1.Michael Schumacher= 2000-2004

    Drive-Brazil 2006,Schumacher showed us that day what he really is,7 WC,91

    wins ,68 poles & 154 podiums are there with him for some reason.

    Win-According to me China 2006 one of the best drive in changing weather condition. & 2003 Austria for keeping things cool when he caught fire in his first pit stop, he has been cool all through his career in the car, that is a race which many haven’t predicted that he will win that day.

    2.Fernando ALonso= 2005-2006

    Drive-2005 & 2006 Brazil Keeping things cool & winning the WC.

    Win-2007 European GP,that move over Massa in the last couple of laps was the

    best of the season.Turkey 2006,defending Schumacher the best way possible.

    3.Kimi Raikkonen= 2007

    Drive-Many but to me Bahrain 2006 finishing the race 3rd from 22nd.

    Win-There are many Kimi fans here but even you hate him you have to love 2005 Japan.

    4.Lewis Hamilton= 2008

    Drive-Monza 2008,when the other title contender were struggling he was the only second best driver on the track.

    Win-USA 2007,sitting in front of Alonso & winning with the same machinery as him! Not something you do as a team-mate. He soaked up the pressure well & made Alonso go off the racing line to show his frustration.& 2009 Hungary in a car that shouldn’t be there to win but he really brought the best out of the car.Also 2008 German GP as Mclaren did put him in a different strategy but he won with a absolute great drive.

    5.Jenson Button= 2009

    Drive-Brazil 2009, could have waited for another race for the WC but he wanted to win it back then.The only time I have seen him aggressively.

    Win-Australia 2009, no one predicated that until Saturday.

    6.Sebastian Vettel= 2010

    Drive-2009 Brazil,the first time a real aggressive Vettel.

    Win-2008 Italy,a win in a torrential rain which have him the title “Baby Schumi” & 2010 Abu Dhabi miracle is possible in F1 & he proved it again.

    So this are my choices what are you’s, add comment to say which you like of your own.A special thanks to TommyB89 who gave me some advice.


    Dan Thorn

    Michael Schumacher

    Best Drive: It can’t really be anything other than Brazil 2006 for me. A fitting send off…or so we thought.

    Best Win: China 2006 was great but I’m going to be a little different and go for France 2004. The concept of usung a four stop strategy to win a race is still something I find ridiculous!

    Fernando Alonso

    Best Drive: Hungary 2006. Brilliant stuff, the most remarkable drive I’ve ever seen.

    Best Win: Imola 2005. We all knew Alonso was good, but for me that was the race where he began to assert himself as the best driver on the grid over Schumacher.

    Kimi Raikkonen

    Best Drive: I’m going for France 2005, purely for his awesome qualifying performance.

    Best Win: I’ll give you three guesses, and as a clue, it isn’t Belgium 2007.

    Lewis Hamilton

    Best Drive: Probably Australia or Malaysia this year.

    Best Win: Silverstone 2008. That was unbelievable.

    Jenson Button

    Best Drive: Hockenheim 2004, from thirteenth to second. To be honest there’s lots of Jenson drives you could put here condiering how long he spent outperforming average cars.

    Best Win: Turkey 2009. He was absolutely untouchable.

    Sebastian Vettel

    Best Drive: Brazil 2008. You have no idea how much I loved him when he almost took the championship away from Hamilton!

    Best Win: Has to be Monza 2008.

    Great idea for a thread, I might add some more drives of non-champions later on.



    I wanted to do Massa, but then I remembered that he hasn’t won a WDC….yet.


    Red Andy

    Michael Schumacher

    Best drive: 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix. He was untouchable, even having to let Irvine through twice in order to finish behind his teammate.

    Best win: 1996 Spanish Grand Prix. An amazingly dominant performance in horrendous conditions.

    Fernando Alonso

    Best drive: 2006 Turkish Grand Prix. Held off a faster Schumacher for most of the race, which was an important psychological victory in the hunt for that title.

    Best win: 2008 Japanese Grand Prix. There was really no reason why Alonso should have won that race, but somehow he did and without ever really being challenged.

    Kimi Raikkonen

    Best drive: 2006 Monaco Grand Prix. There were few times when the McLaren looked competitive in 2006, but Kimi’s performance before he retired showed that he could have won the race.

    Best win: 2007 French Grand Prix. Did a great job to beat Massa, who just about looked like he was about to seize the initiative from Kimi up to that point in 2007.

    Lewis Hamilton

    Best drive: 2009 Australian Grand Prix. From 18th to 3rd in a car that was barely capable of the grid position, let alone the race result. Shame he had to spoil it all by lying to the stewards.

    Best win: 2007 United States Grand Prix. Like Kimi in France the same year, an important psychological victory over his teammate that set the tone for the rest of the year.

    Jenson Button

    Best drive: 2000 German Grand Prix. A strong result in changeable conditions, that marked him out as a future talent.

    Best win: 2010 Australian Grand Prix. Perfect reading of the conditions gave him an opportunity, which he did not waste.

    Sebastian Vettel

    Best drive: 2007 Chinese Grand Prix. Quite where that result came from is not really clear, but it underlined his potential.

    Best win: 2009 Japanese Grand Prix. Knew what he had to do, and duly did it, keeping the championship alive for at least another race.



    @ Fixy

    You can start your own thread about Massa.I will do more on other drivers, I just started with the WC.

    @ Red Andy

    Nice pick on Vettel’s 2007 drive in China,How can I missed that?



    – Schumacher

    Best drive: Brazil 2006

    Best win: Suzuka 2000

    – Alonso

    Best drive: Singapore 2008

    Best win: Monza 2010

    – Raikkonen

    Best drive: Suzuka 2005

    Best win: Brazil 2007

    – Hamilton

    Best drive: Silverstone 2008

    Best win: Canada 2010

    – Button

    Best drive: Brazil 2009

    Best win: China 2010

    – Vettel

    Best drive: Monza 2008

    Best win: Monza 2008

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