Best looking car of 2012 (so far)

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    Easily the McLaren. It isn’t pretty, but it’s the best of the year. And it isn’t bad looking anyway. The flat-topped sidepods and nose, with it’s width and curve, and the angularity of the sidepod intakes makes the car look aggressive and purposeful. It looks like a winner to me. Other than the fact that the MP4-26 was interesting because of the sidepods, it’s a much better looking car.



    I actually love the look of the Red Bull. Shame it didn’t come in McLaren livery. The Merc is looking neat too. I’m not a big fan of the MP4-27 to be honest. It’s too reminiscent of the MP4-24 which I hated (aesthetics-wise; nothing to do with the dog of a start it had to the season). And I hate that it has love handles (the exhaust bulges)

    I can see why a lot of people like it though.



    McLaren is de’fo my favorite.
    But I love the livery on the Force India. Especially the SAHARA logo on the sidepod



    The Lotus has surprised me. I really didn’t like it that much last year, well, it grew on me (I think it was the whole court-case and that was just the nail in the coffin for me) but this year I’m liking it. Although it may not count for much as far as performance goes their nose easily looks the best of a bad bunch, you could even argue it looks like it has actually been designed, rather than just bolted on!

    The Force India livery is a welcome return and improvement to last years livery.



    @dam00r wow… the Sahara bit was actually my least favorite of the Force India – it looks like someone just slapped on Microsoft WordArt on the car. Ask @prisoner-monkeys :P

    @andrewtanner I’d like the Lotus livery as soon as they stop using a Jumbo marker and start using a felt-tip pen for their gold lining :P



    @raymondu999 I think the Sahara logo fits very well onto the sidepod



    @dam00r – Yup; that’s your opinion. I’ll stick to mine, and let’s agree to disagree on this ;)



    @failblane I believe McLaren is gonna deffinitely fail with the nose….
    Adrian Newey is like we all know, a genius when it comes to designing cars… and he went with the stepnose too so, I really see McLaren as the 4th or 5th best car this year. I will definitely be proved wrong because since this is all politics and Bernie seems to fancy Jenson Button quite a bit, I think we´ll see the Mclaren up front quite often, if not, all the time!



    @Jack22 there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat. The nose would probably not be the difference that makes the difference to be honest.



    Good point…. BUT why then would the WDC AND WCC go for the stepped nose? Makes no sense…



    Because that’s the way they’ve run their car since 2009 – high nose to get more air under the nose. McLaren has used their current nose design since 2010. If they were to change the design concept; they would lose a lot of data on how the air moves around their nose; how their front suspension reacts on the track; and probably setup data too.



    Disqualified: Toro Rosso – A pretty stylish nose but, according to Ascanelli, it’s going to be modified sooner or later so that doesn’t count. I prefer their livery over the RBR’s one though.

    9. Williams – The best part of the design is Maldonado’s helmet.
    8. Mercedes (from what we’ve seen so far) – just boring and unimpressive.
    7. Ferrari – The red just doesn’t go with the radical nose. The team should consider painting the car in rainbow colours, that might help. Maybe.
    6. Sauber – The author of the colour scheme is obviously a chess fan but that doesn’t make me feel better. They avoid a lower place in my rankings just because of @magnificent-geoffrey ‘s awesome interpretation of C31’s design.
    5. Red Bull – No surprises in the livery (have never been a big fan of it) but kudos to Mr. Newey for the slot in the nose.
    4. McLaren – Bonus points for being the only one with the old-type nose but I’m sick and tired of the chrome.
    3. Lotus – The sexiest stepped nose so far but the livery is depressingly dark.
    2. Caterham – I’m still in love with the combination of dark green and yellow, it’s the best looking livery in my eyes. But the nose…

    And the winner is…

    FORCE INDIA – Clever and bright colour scheme that somehow fits the FI platypus very well.



    I think the McLaren looks the best for the time being until I adjust to the new look noses.

    Out of the platypus cars I have to go with Force India, the color scheme just seems to suit it somehow!

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