Best looking cars of 2011 and why you think so?

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    I’m not sure if this post has been done before but these are my choices:

    It’s a coincidence that the fastest are the best looking IMO or maybe our eyes can detect what will be fast and what won’t (e.g. not difficult to tell that tight sidepods will benefit the aerodynamics)

    1)Red Bull RB7 – tightest sidepods, just looks fast and refined

    2)Ferrari 150 Italia – tight sidepods, almost as good as the RB7, agressive look, interesting nose, great livery

    3)McLaren MP4-26 – interesting sidepods, unusual and agressive looking

    4)Mercedes W02 – unusual looks

    5)Renault R31 – smooth, conventional lines, I like the concave section of the nose

    6)Toro Rosso STR6 – I like the nose, the undercut sidepods and the livery

    7)Lotus T128 – I like the blade air intakes and the refined look

    8)Williams FW33 – tight rear end but ugly whatever you call it that connects the front wing to the nose cone and ugly front part of nose itself

    9)Sauber C30 – has a bird of prey look from the front

    10)Force India VJM04 – ugly car, ugly nose

    11)HRT F111 – looks more like a GP2 car

    12)Virgin MVR-02 – boring, boring, boring, zzzzzzzz


    Dan Thorn

    1) Mercedes (just beautiful)

    2) Ferrari

    3) Force India (It’s grown on me massively the last few races)

    4) Toro Rosso

    5) Sauber (Don’t know why I like it…but I do)

    6) Red Bull

    7) Lotus

    8) Williams (Retro livery doesn’t work for me)

    9) HRT

    10) Renault (Livery looks stupid)

    11) Virgin

    12) McLaren (Those sidepods are just hideous and the nose is waaaay to IndyCar. Also the livery is still awful)



    1)Red Bull RB7 – looks fast, my hate the team, but love the look of there car

    2)Ferrari 150 Italia – nice wing colours, agressive look, interesting nose, great livery

    3)McLaren MP4-26 – Looks angry, quick, and the colour scheme is great

    4)Renault R31 – smooth, love the colours

    5)Mercedes W02 – A nice loooking car, but falls short off the top 4

    6)Lotus T128 – Very refined, nice sidepods and a nice livery

    7)Sauber C30 – Just white, but i like the front view

    8)Toro Rosso STR6 – The gold front wing looks great

    9)Williams FW33 – Looks slow, but very compact and boring

    10)Force India VJM04 – don’t like the front end

    11)HRT F111 – wierd

    12)Virgin MVR-02 – red, black, nothing else



    Funny how people either seem to absolutely love or hate the Merc. I thought the W01 was a beautiful car. I loved the nose and how it was sculpted at the end nearest the front wing – probably one of my favourite looking F1 cars.



    I find every car has something good about it made bad by the livery, or an okay livery with a bad shape, or just plain boring like the F150. So I’ll just say the McLaren because the high noses are boring me now and the angular ones are just “no”.



    1) Toro Rosso – Like the Red Bull but with a better livery

    2) Red Bull – Looks great

    3) HRT – Saw it at Silverstone and stands out loads. Amazing livery.

    4) Renault – Cool livery and a nice looking car.

    5) Mercedes – Big improvement on last year.

    6) Ferrari – Looks great but the Italian flag looks a bit meh.

    7) Lotus – Even if they aren’t real Lotus, the colours look great.

    8) Virgin – Could do a lot more.

    9) Force India – Needs more orange and green.(few races)

    10) Williams – Bodge job of a retro livery.

    11) McLaren – Horrible livery. Time to change.

    12) Sauber – Boring livery, boring car.



    Love the Mclaren livery, wouldn’t mind keeping it until at least the end of Mclaren’s Vodafone contract (2015?).


    Stephen Jones

    1) Red Bull – love the swooping nose.. looks fast!

    2) Mclaren – Love the L Sidepods, and the front wing looks mean!

    3) Force India – the Livery is awesome, especially the ridgeback. Front wing lets it down

    4) Williams – Livery is awesome.. except for that, nothing special

    5) Ferrari – High Nose looks mean.. plus red just looks fast!

    6) Sauber – the rims are awesome! plus the Livery is basic, but effective

    7) Lotus – The Green and Yellow is unique.. they better not get rid of it

    8) Renault – Nice and Smooth.. plus it sounds like a Rocket (doesn’t really count!)

    9) Toro Rosso – I like the new swooping nose, but the colours are boring

    10) Virgin – Fluro? ech..

    11) HRT – the nose is too skinny.. looks like it’s going to stab someone

    12) Mercedes – Nose is way too high.. plus it’s more grey than silver



    1. Torro Rosso – saw it at Silverstone, just beautiful

    2. Mercedes – beautiful

    3. Lotus – looked stunning in real life, the back end is the best bit (livery)

    4. Williams – almost harks back to the Rothmans days

    5. Renault – nice livery

    6. Red Bull – just looks quick, not as good livery as the Torro Rosso though

    7. McLaren – great from the side, shame about the front and livery

    8. Ferrari – bit bland for my liking

    9. Sauber – nothing to say about it

    10. HRT – at least they tried something different, car looks awful though

    11. Virgin – nothing to say about it

    12. Never liked the livery, like the team though


    1) Sauber

    2) Virgin

    12) Ferrari

    Actually, I don’t know. I like the Williams for example, but I just can’t seem to figure out what makes one car more aesthetically pleasing than another.



    1. Williams, just does something for me.

    2. Mclaren, nothing about it is suttle, just all over aggression.

    3. Mercedes, I don’t think I can say anything on the car looks slightly bad suprised it isn’t faster.

    4. Red Bull, hate the team, car is a masterpeice though.

    5. Sauber, fills the “midfeild car” position perfectly.

    6. Torro Rosso, same as above.

    7. Lotus, looks better than last years “box”

    8. Ferrari, nothing exciting on it at all, just so plain to me, prefered last years car.

    9. Renault, still looks gumpy all though improvement of 09′ and 10′ car

    10. Force India, nothing special.

    11. Virgin, designed by a computer…

    12. HRT, designed by a guy with a pencil, photocopier and a picture of a dog.



    It’s Lotus T128, Mercedes W02 and HRT F111 for me, with honourable mentions for the Sauber C30 and Williams FW33. The Lotus is a great looking car and the livery really sets it apart. The Mercedes is so striking that I have to put it in my top 3 despite the livery being a bit too much of a corporate compromise for my liking. The HRT livery is awesome and I like writing good things about them, so its in my top 3! :)

    Despite being a McLaren fan I think the MP4-25 is a horrible looking thing and I hope they ditch the L shaped sidepods for the MP4-26. The RB7 is just too nerdy for me to call it beautiful. Its beauty is an unitended consequence of its design (I know its the same for all the others, but it just hits me more with the RB7), so it can’t be near the top of this list in my book. The Force India VJM04 makes the most horrible sin of them all, it is just boring.



    Mine changes daily but I’ll give this a whirl.

    1) Ferrari. For the past two seasons I’ve hated the Ferrari at first but they’ve really grown on me. I absolutely love this year’s car now but the F10 was better.

    2) Renault. I love having a black car on the grid but I absolutely hate that we don’t have a yellow one any more so I’d be much happier if it was ugly.

    3) Merc. The turqouise works much better this year and it looks deadly.

    4) HRT it just looks fun and alive unlike last year.

    5) Virgin. I love the front but I have no idea why.

    6) Red Bull. The shade of blue is still beautiful and I love the shape of the car.

    7) STR. Pretty much the same reasons as Red Bull.

    I hate the rest of the cars so this will be tough…

    8) Lotus. It’s green so it adds a splash of colour but I really hate the shade they’ve used.

    9) Williams. It feels like quite an elegant car but I just don’t notice it.

    10) Mclaren had one of the most beatifully shaped cars last year and they went and ruined it. They’ve still got the chrome so they’ve managed to keep the worst thing about their cars in recent years.

    11) FI. Hate the shape as it looks too bulky like a hippo and hate the way the colours are used.

    12) Sauber. White with a couple of stickers on it-what’s to like?



    1. Renault – Most beautiful livery every fitted on a F1 car. But I hate that it says Lotus on the rear wing and the Lotus logo on the nose.

    2. Williams – I prefered the darker livery when they revealed the cars livery for 2011 season

    3. Lotus

    4. Red Bull (not a fan of red bull)

    5. McLaren

    6. Ferrari



    The only improvement I’d make to this years Williams is use a lighter shade of blue!

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