Best-Looking F1 Grid

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    Tommy C

    I loved 2005 and 2007. Lots of cool aero pieces which I found gave the cars character; but not a stupid amount (like we had in 2008 with the fins on the nose and so on).



    1990 is one of my favourites. The cars had the right proportions: low, lean, wide. They looked like proper racing cars. The McLaren MP4-5, Leyton House CG901, Ferrari 641, Williams FW13B, Tyrrell 019, Lotus 102 are all beautiful looking cars. Heck, even the Eurobrun ER-189B was a great looking thing!


    Lucas Wilson

    Peoplekeep thinking i’m on about cars. I’m on about the men lool



    Any one with Nico Rosberg on it. They don’t cal him Britney for nothing, and if you squint…

    Oh. You meant cars.



    A lot of people still don’t like the current gen, and 2009 was a pretty ugly year but I think the cars developed into real beauties in 2011. 2010 started well until the F-Duct took over, but banning the duct in 2011 produced some fine looking machines.

    The cars were so tight in the rear and the bodywork was so smooth. The Liveries were all pretty good too except for that Sauber.



    @journeyer Not to mention the purple Simtek!



    @silverkeg Actually, the current gen is actually fine. It looks great… until you get to the rear wing. It still bothers me how ridiculously narrow it is. If it had a wider, skinnier rear wing instead, this current generation of cars would look fantastic.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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