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    sbl on tour

    who do think will win, but more importantly, why?

    I would start the ball rolling but…. I cant decide




    Well, since Alonso will be aiming for a solid podium finish I doubt he will win the race. Of course Interlagos should be a Red Bull track anyway since their F-duct should be grand for the 2 long straights. Then the aero can get too work in sticking to the track like glue in the slow section.

    McLaren I can’t see even getting a podium and if they do it will only come from Lewis.


    1. Vettel

    2. Webber

    3. Alonso

    4. Hamilton

    5. Rosberg

    6. Schumacher

    7. Kubica

    (The rest are insignificant)



    Webber will win after Vettel dominates the race but runs out of luck again.

    Webber. Alonso. Hamilton. Button. Kubica.


    sbl on tour

    cant see that happening again tommy, think nandos just going to have to go for the win or it will go pear shaped


    Dan Thorn

    I really don’t know. Alonso has always gone well at Brazil but Red Bull looked quick last year. I think both Webber and Vettel are gonna be really pushing and one of them is gonna have a problem, be it terminal or simply position losing. The bumpy track could hinder McLaren.

    I think it’ll be another Red Bull front row with Vettel on pole. Webber will beat him off the line and Vettel will run wide trying to repass him somewhere on the first lap, dropping him several positions before fighting back. At the end of the race…

    1. Webber

    2. Alonso

    3. Vettel

    4. Massa

    5. Kubica

    6. Hamilton

    7. Rosberg

    8. Schu

    9. Button

    10. Barrichello



    Massa should be a factor because he is always very strong at Interlagos. I expect to see him on the podium or even win if the Ferrari suits Interlagos, unless Alonso is one place behind him



    There will be rain, race is going to be hectic with either Kubica, Hamilton or Button winning and Alonso and Webber trying to salvage a few points. Alonso is too cunny to try to go for the jugular when Abu Dhabi is a much better track for the Ferrari. The big unknown is Vettel: He will try to win at any price and may very well be his own worst ennemy. That’s the dream scenario. Otherwise, if things go the predictable way and given that great expectations are always deceived, Alonso will win, both Red Bull will retire on either driver mistake or engine failure and they won’t be any suspense left for the world title…



    1 – Alonso

    2 – Massa

    3 – Vettel

    4 – Webber



    Ever the optimist…

    1st – Vettel

    2nd – Hamilton

    3rd – Webber

    4th – Button

    Alonso’s engine will fail at 60% race distance ;o)



    1 Webber

    2 Alonso

    3 Vettel

    4 Hamilton

    5 Massa

    6 Schumacher

    7 Kubica

    8 Petrov

    9 Button

    10 Kovalainen (optimistic I know!)



    Webber will crash and then Alonso will drive straight into the scene of the accident. A McLaren driver with a red, white and blue helmet will then get the victory only for it to become apparent that this is wrong and the win instead awarded to the driver with yellow, green and blue on his helmet driving for a British team.

    Sound familiar?



    I ll be heartbroken for Massa if he is in a position to win and has to give it to Alonso. Its hard to predict. Webber won here last year, Alonso does well here, Hamilton can sense a chance at the title and will be going flat out but he hasnt had the best luck here in the past. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that if it rains then the race will be mighty!!!!!!!



    Vettel will be like a bat out of hell I think, he has to go “all-in” like he has done the last 3 races. I bet him for a solid pole and a win if his car can hold together.



    ULtimately it’s gonna be Bernie..

    Hard to believe it’s all going to be over in less than 11 days :(



    I know!! Lets hope the climax lives up to the season!!!

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