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    Webber will win as his last crash this season (Valencia), he won Silverstone and furthermore, last year he had a bad weekend at Suzuka and came back and won Brazil.

    So obviously it’s Webber’s for the taking given his Korean result. Hopefully, Alonso will finish lowly or has engine troubles…



    Haha why is eveyone so adamant on Alonso blowing an Engine? If he does win the WDC this weekend or in Abu Dhabi he will have deserved it most. Pulling out good results in the first half of the season in quite frankly barely a top 6 car and then getting to the top of the standings in what is still only the 2nd best car on the grid.

    I personally feel whichever way you look at it maybe Alonso has enough skill and control of a car to conserve an engine whereas someone like Vettel is so aggressive he is his own worst enemy.

    And as for Webber, well some poor drives in a top class car is the reason he is 2nd in the standings.

    So, if Alonso wins this years WDC will everyone really be disappointed? I mean 3 time world champion, matching Senna and really he would deserve it, sure he’s opportunistic and selfish but so was Senna and Prost. I just feel all this support for Webber is a bit stale, he doesn’t deserve the title in the slightest. The thing is i’m not an Alonso fanboy but he has proved to me that he is better than Anyone on the grid at the moment and deserves all his success.



    Haha why is eveyone so adamant on Alonso blowing an Engine?

    Apart from only one person making that suggestion in this discussion, I’d imagine because it would be more fun for the championship if he did.



    I wonder what the money on Red Bull having another car on car incident is…

    I wonder what the money on Alonso being taken out by a Red Bull is..

    I wonder what the money on Button winning the championship is..

    …mmmmmmm….. we need a bookie, or a gambler who knows his stuff.



    William Hill gives 200/1 on the last option.

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