Brazilian GP Awards

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    Antonio Nartea

    Best Driver:
    Worst Driver:
    Best Team:
    Worst Team:
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny-moment:
    Most Surprising Result:
    Least Surprising Result:
    Special Mention to:
    Race Rating: /10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter:
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter:
    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: /10



    Best Driver: Jenson Button
    Worst Driver: Paul Di Resta
    Best Team: McLaren
    Worst Team: Williams
    Best Overtake: Kimi Raikkonen on Michael Schumacher
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi Raikkonen’s detour
    Most Surprising Result: Nico Hulkenberg
    Least Surprising Result: Fernando Alonso
    Special Mention to: Felipe Massa, Kamui Kobayashi and Michael Schumacher (though I wasn’t happy when he let Vettel through)
    Race Rating: 10/10


    Ryan Williams

    Best Driver: Felipe Massa. Superbly driven, helped the team, and a well deserved podium too
    Worst Driver: I honestly think there was no stand-out “bad” drive today. Sure Hulkenberg’s incident was silly but that was a racing incident
    Best Team: Ferrari. Did all they needed to do, played the team game perfectly to secure 2nd in the Constructors’
    Worst Team: Mercedes. Brought Rosberg in too early for inters and paid the price
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Massa and Webber
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi getting lost!
    Most Surprising Result: Vergne finishing 8th after starting 17th
    Least Surprising Result: Grosjean’s DNF
    Special Mention to: Fernando Alonso. Nothing more he could have done
    Nico Hulkenberg. Drove brilliantly until his incident with Lewis
    Race Rating: 10/10


    Antonio Nartea

    Best Driver: Hulkenberg – despite making two mistakes, he drove a brilliant race and was unjustly penalised for what has been nothing more than a racing incident
    Worst Driver: Rosberg, Grosjean, Senna and Webber – despite his 4th place, that was a messy race
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: Williams
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen on Schumacher – pure class on both sides / Alonso on Webber in lap 1
    Best Funny-moment: Raikkonen’s WRC-reminiscing moment
    Most Surprising Result: Hulkenberg fighting for the win / Massa on the podium / Schumacher in the points / Petrov almost getting a point
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel finishing in a good enough position to clinch the title / Alonso on the podium
    Special Mention to: Button, Massa, Schumacher, Petrov, Pic
    Race Rating: 10/10

    World feed rating: 6/10 – made no sense at all for most of the race.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Best Driver: Felipe Massa- what tremendous start! He maintained his strong Austin role and delivered a great performance at home.
    Worst Driver: Paul di Resta- he languished around in eleventh for the majority of the race, fighting with Marussias, Toro Rossos, and Caterhams while his teammate battled the McLarens for the lead.
    Best Team: Ferrari- got both men on the podium and beat McLaren.
    Worst Team: Williams- a race to forget in front of the South American crowd.
    Best Overtake: Massa on Button on lap 1.
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi Raikkonen little excursion- I though that could only happen in videogames!
    Most Surprising Result: Petrov 11th
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on the podium
    Special Mention to: The Incredible Hulk, Alonso
    Race Rating: 11/10



    Best Driver: Nico Hülkenberg
    Worst Driver: Romain Grosjean
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: Williams
    Best Overtake: Kimi on Schumi
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi driving the 70’s circuit
    Most Surprising Result: Hülk fighting for victory
    Least Surprising Result: Grosjean and Maldonado crashing
    Special Mention to: Alonso, Vettel, Massa, Petrov, Button, Hamilton
    Race Rating: 15/10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Coulthard?
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Edwards? (I watch BBC, so there isn’t much to choose from)
    Best Commentary moment: None that stand out
    World feed rating: 5/10 (always missing all the action)


    Bradley Downton

    Best Driver: Lewis Hamilton – Drove a brilliant race, no mistakes, and was unlucky to be taken out after a mistake by Nico Hulkeberg.
    Worst Driver: Well… I don’t really think there was a ‘Worst Driver’, they nearly all made mistakes but they were very difficult conditions.
    Best Team: McLaren – Were easily the quickest and best team. Unlucky not to get a 1-2.
    Worst Team: HRT – Just the slowest. The only team to be 2 laps behind. Poor end to a dismal attempt?
    Best Overtake: Kimi Raikkonen on Michael Shumacher – Fantastic!
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi Raikkonen getting lost.
    Most Surprising Result: Hulkenberg fighting for the win/Vergne 8th/Petrov nearly getting a point
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel winning the Championship, though it looked unlikely at points throughout the race/HRT last.
    Special Mention to: Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Mark Webber, Nico Hulkenberg, Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Jean-Eric Vergne, Kamui Kobayashi, Kimi Raikkonen, Vitaly Petrov, Charles Pic, Daniel Ricciardo, Heikki Kovalainen, Nico Rosberg, Timo Glock, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan and Paul di Resta.
    Race Rating: 10/10



    Best Driver: Massa. The fastest Ferrari driver all weekend, and did some outstanding team driving – attacking and distracting Webber, holding others back from threatening Alonso – and was rewarded with another visit to the podium.
    Worst Driver: Di Resta. Couldn’t keep up with his team mate and several spins.
    Best Team: McLaren, back to where they should have been all year
    Worst Team: Williams – more £££ on the repair bill
    Best Overtake: Alonso getting Webber & Massa into the Senna S
    Best Funny-moment: Raikkonen getting lost
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher – a far better send-off than we could have hoped for. Was nice to see him there on the scene to congratulate Vettel.
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel doing what he had to do – another great recovery drive.
    Special Mention to: Pretty much everyone else. Hamilton, Button and Hulkenberg for leaving all the others behind and putting on a great race that distracted us from the championship. Alonso for giving it everything and grace in defeat. Petrov for racing his way to an important result. Hopefully they’ll reward him for that with a drive next year.
    Race Rating: 10/10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Lee McKenzie. Superb interviews – asked good questions and got the drivers to open up. Hope she gets the promotion to presenter that she’s earned (and still gets to do a few interviews too).
    World feed rating: 8/10 Too many weather maps and blocks of replays, but did well keeping up with all that action



    Best Driver: Nico Hulkenberg, fantastic drive bar the spin and Ham wouldn’t have been anywhere near if not for SC
    Worst Driver: Paul di Resta, nowhere near his leading teammate and crashing into a wall to top it off
    Best Team: Ferrari, first double podium since Korea 2010
    Worst Team: Mercedes, both a lap down without SC
    Best Overtake: Kimi on Schumacher, another clean move and payback from 2006
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi, literally taking a trip down memory lane
    Most Surprising Result: FI leading, MSC scoring, Vettel’s comeback (again)
    Least Surprising Result: Grosjean and Maldonado crashing out within 5 laps
    Special Mention to: Button, Alonso, Massa, Vettel, Schumacher, Petrov
    Race Rating: 10/10


    Master firelee

    Best Driver: Massa, did really well holding up others to help Alonso and finished on the podium, and out qualified Alonso aswell.
    Worst Driver: Grosjean? another retirement, despite the rain most others kept it on the track.
    Best Team: Ferrari 2nd and 3rd and took 2nd in Constructors, so yeah I’ve made my point.
    Worst Team: HRT, I mean come on even in the rain they looked nowhere especially when Caterham and Marussia finished highly.
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Massa and Webber.
    Best Funny-moment: Raikkonen having a little go at the old circuit.
    Most Surprising Result: Petrov 11th & Pic 12th
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel finishing high enough for the championship.
    Special Mention to: Hulkenberg, Massa, Alonso, Button, Schumacher
    Race Rating: 9.5/10

    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: 8/10



    Best Driver: Lewis Hamilton
    Worst Driver: di Resta
    Best Team: McLaren
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Massa on Vettel, Webber and then on Button at the start
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi!
    Most Surprising Result: Both Ferraris on the podium
    Least Surprising Result: Hulkenberg not winning :(
    Special Mention to: Hulkenberg, Massa, Kobayashi, Petrov
    Race Rating: 10/10



    @master-firelee First person to give it less than 10… (you’re probably right, though)



    Best Driver: Button, Alonso and Massa all drove faultless races, let’s say Button.
    Worst Driver: Grosjean. Fell at the first hurdle. Others had to cope with changing conditions, water flowing through the track, etc. for 71 laps. He managed 9-ish. Not in tune with the car and the track.
    Best Team: Ferrari. Faultless strategy and pit calls, reliable as ever. Probably could have pitted Alonso a lap earlier for inters near the end.
    Worst Team: Red Bull, wrong call on Vettel near the end, scrappy pit stop.
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen on Schumacher. Alonso’s double-pass on Webber and Massa also in contention.
    Best Funny-moment: Raikkonen’s off-road adventures, of course.
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel. How his car managed to go on after taking that hard bang from Senna is beyond reason.
    Least Surprising Result: Grosjean.
    Special Mention to: Basically, everybody. All had their respectively interesting storyline, which made this amazingly colourful race unfold.
    Race Rating: 9/10. One of the best of my life since I watch F1 (1996). I never rate a race 10/10. I agree with a comment which stated that one ingredient was missing: the competitor with the lower chance to win…



    Best Driver: Hulkenburg — unlucky not to get a podium from that
    Worst Driver: Rosberg — I’m not convinced he was even in the race!
    Best Team: McLaren — Fastest team all weekend
    Worst Team: Mercedes — Wouldn’t have got anything had it not rained
    Best Overtake: Massa on Di Resta, but plenty of other candidates.
    Best Funny-moment: Raikkonen on the escape road
    Most Surprising Result: Hulkenburg on the pace
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on the podium
    Special Mention to: Vettel — a mature drive in rotten conditions
    Race Rating: 10/10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Brundle
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: The woman with McNish in the Sky pad
    Best Commentary moment: The frantic commentary in the first 20 laps
    World feed rating: 8/10



    Best Driver: Masssa
    Worst Driver: N/A
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: HRT. Makes you wonder why they showed up if its all over anyway (yes, I know their contractually obligated, but still!)
    Best Overtake: Kimi/Schuey into the Senna Esses.
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi’s attempt to use the escape road leading to a dead end.
    Most Surprising Result: Caterham sneaking 11th in the race, 10th in WCC
    Least Surprising Result: Grosjean/Maldonaldo retiring
    Special Mention to: Pic, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Button,
    Race Rating: 10/10 every WDC should have a last race like that

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Brundle
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: n/a
    Best Commentary moment: ‎’That’s just thrown multiple cats, into a tree full of pigeons’
    World feed rating: 8/10 Missed some important overtakes by showing replays

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