Bring back Mclaren`s idea

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    With red bull racing starting to dominate the season.

    Mclaren should bring back a modified version of the now banned idea

    for a third pedal. How Mclaren used a third pedal to operate the front

    and rear brakes seperately. This idea were great thinking, which Ferrari

    soon complained about and made the FIA ban the concept by changing the rules.

    Can this concept could be modified and applied with the new rules??



    No because the rule is still there.

    I remember reading about ten years ago about a brake system Williams were testing, where if you tapped on the brakes lightly first and then put them on fully, you would actually be able to brake later overall. Anyone knows what I’m on about and what happened to it?



    I think it was just a difference between the AP brakes (that I think Williams was running at the time) and the Brembo’s everyone else was running. It was why in that year a few cars ploughed into the back of the Williams. It wasn’t a specific design but to do with the way the brakes got up to temperature which required the driver to effectively pump the brake first.



    That was the one, thanks.



    i think the 2 brake pedal setup actually worked the left and right brakes separately, in order to yaw the car. they were right to ban it.


    Adam Tate

    Still, a terrible clever idea :)



    They stole the idea from tractors! :D

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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