bring back refuelling

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    I dont know about you lot but F1 has become so predictable.

    Bring back proper pit stops,

    Its seems ( unless something goes wrong) once your in front and look after your tyres( ie Button and Hamilton) you will most likley win ???????????????????

    I love F1 but after this Aussie GP sorry it getting boring.

    So thats how I feel guys sorry




    I saw some previous season review DVD and I found out how many drivers had had to pit in even though pit had been closed because they hadn’t had fuel and be penalized. Well, I love grid shuffle from fuel load and crazy strategy, but refuel banned today is more fair to everybody.



    Its not fair to every one slower cars can do better say they are outside the top ten they can fill right up so it gives them a better chance to at least finish a bit higher in the race where the faster cars have to start with the fuel they quali with



    at least no one would not be penalized because of inevitable pit stop during SC.



    I don’t see how refueling would change things when we already have 2+ guaranteed pit stops during the race.

    If anything, it will make the fast cars go even fast with lower fuel levels



    It would make the racing more exciting cause at the mo no one will catch Vettle but if his fuel rig stuck like they used to it adds to the tension



    If he gets a wheel nut stuck on one of his 2-3 stops then that would add to the tension.

    I like not refuelling, it means teams can act upon impulse and makes the teams and drivers think on their feet.



    Fuel rig sticking??? Really? That’s what you’re basing on for excitement???

    Also, because pit times will be so long, teams will try to go on one-stop strategies


    Andy W

    How about letting this season develop a bit and see where we are mid season before saying its so predictable and by association boring… Compare Melbourne this year to Bahrain last year. Teams tend to take the 1st race conservatively after big rule changes…

    Red Bull took it so conservatively they didn’t even run KERS if you look at it that way… If KERS teams make even a fraction the progress that both McLaren and Ferrari made in 2009, then I suspect its going to rapidly be a case that Red Bull will have to deploy this technology sooner rather than later, and I am sure they are probably planning to being it on the car as part of the european spec car that is no doubt in the works. Yes teams are having niggles and problems with it, but thats part of the learning curve of introducing any new technology… how long did it take teams to learn how to implement and master radical technologies such as double diffusers, f ducts and blown diffusers?

    The DRS didn’t work as hoped and will be revised at each subsequent race, but as it hadn’t really been tested before under racing conditions I expected them to play it cautiously and given Sutil’s scare in qualifying I am glad they weren’t more adventurous at Melbourne… but they now have some basic understanding of how its going to work on track and given that each track is different…. each is going to apply a unique implementation of DRS that will informed by how previous races went…



    No not just wheel nuts sticking the point I’m making is unless u r very lucky the fastest cars will stay in front if the tyre change is spot on

    so it ain’t one thing or another and it has got boring what ever u or anyone else says theres hardly any passing and at least with a fuel stop teams had a chance


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I love F1 but after this Aussie GP sorry it getting boring.

    After the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix, most people wrote the season off as being horrible. By the end of the year, it had been one of the best championships in the sport’s sixty-year history.

    There is no need to change the rules until more is known about them. You can’t just make knee-jerk changes like that. All refuelling will do is turn the race into a series of time trials


    Dan Thorn

    There was hardly any passing when there were fuel stops, it was pretty much all done on strategy and in the pit lane. Last year we saw many exciting battles that probably wouldn’t have happened if we had refuelling, which is exactly the way it should be.

    I don’t see what was so boring about Aus – there was quite a bit of passing and action, just because it didn’t involve the guys at the front shouldn’t make it less exciting.



    Just how many errors did you see with refueling? A lot less than changing tyres

    And again, basing on pit stop errors for excitement in the race is ridiculous and idiotic idea



    Yay for more fires and explosions in the pits.




    uuuugh, Hell No. Refuelling was for years the biggest overtaking killer out there. If you could overtake a car in the pits, what was the point of getting adventurous on the track? No refulling might even encourage designers to try to improve the characteristics of their cars while following. Refuelling added very little, made for split races, killed real action and were better of without it. Get rid of the mandatory tyre change and the stupid qualifying rule and were all set.

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