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    Ok so i’m posting this only hearing 5 minutes of him as the lead commentator. I think he seems alright, of course he is not going to sound so natural this early but I would prefer to hear this every race than Legard. A couple of mistakes from both MB and DC but generally I think it’s fine.

    Strangely enough Brundle sounds like he does in the video games.

    Anyway this is a major improvement already, but do you think the same?



    I like what I’ve heard thus far, a definite case of “less is more”



    Yea they’re both good so far. They’re talking to each other well and are bringing out the technical side more but fluidly. Like it.



    Good. But I personally prefer Legard’s voice lol



    I thought he sounded in video game mode at the very start too!

    Much much much better than last year. My faith in Brundle has definitely been rewarded today.



    I used to spend half the time spent watching F1 annoyed by half of the commentary. Plus Legard seemed to bring Brundle down. It was clear straight out of the box that Brundle and Coulthard gel (they have been friends and have had a professional relationship in the past). I thought it was perfect, and the best commentary since Murray left.

    Brundle did excellently as lead, and seems rejuvenated. He was excited and sounded alive, without being horribly over the top and forced like Legard ALWAYS did. Coulthard was not as dull as I though he was going to be, he’s perked up.

    Best thing is, it’s only the first session, and it’ll only get (even) better!



    Ok so after that brilliant Brundle performance the decision to make him lead commentator was perfect. Coulthard was also great considering his lack of experience.

    He always said something relevant, no ramblings about something that has no relevance to what’s going on the track.

    BBC have finally cracked the commentary code with this one.



    Liked them both but I noticed that Brundle has definitely taken Legard’s role, speaking a lot quicker and louder than normal whereas DC is doing what Brundle did last year – occasionally saying something quietly now and again.

    It’s only their first commentary and I’m sure they’ll improve over the year but compared to what has been they are brilliant.


    Nic Morley

    I thought they were both pretty good. Much better than that Legard anyway. It’s easier to listen to them comentate; instead of hearing Legard’s spastic voice.



    Brilliant, as (most of us) knew they would be :)



    The first 5-10 mins were painful. Brundle was trying too hard and was emphasising the wrong words – it sounded bad.

    However, after the initial oddities, he relaxed and the combination was really good. Nice pairing – although it is still strange to hear Brundle taking the lead role



    “I’m absolutely delighted to welcome David Coultard to the commentary box…” – that sounded like he meant it!

    I guess the real test is race day but I was very impressed. Seems to be a great pairing, naturally flowing between the two. The actual commentary was well balanced between describing, explaining and predicting and all without shouting at random times. And when there was nothing much to say a bit of comfortable silence – bliss!



    From what i can remember of it (having 3hrs sleep and being very hung over from last night) it seemed good, Brundle did well as the lead and DC was way more interesting to listen to then as a presenter. im not sure whether il be switching from Crofty & Davidson but its certainly a good alternative, so we’l see.



    He did a great job. He has adapted well to his role as main commentator. A few times it seemed as though he expected DC to jump in (the way Brundle would with Murray and Legard) but DC didn’t which left Brundle short of things to say. But it was a great start for what should be a pretty solid commentary team.



    Strangely enough Brundle sounds like he does in the video games..

    @riise: I was thinking the same thing!

    Considering I was half asleep, I think he did quite well today. It sounded a bit “prerecorded” at the start, which is understandable but once he settled in he was fine. And DC did quite well to. The two of them work well together I think.

    Good luck to them. :)

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