Brundle – Your Thoughts?

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    Really good – loads of enthusiasm, as inventive and insightful as ever, never patronising or cliched. And two mates (rather than “co-workers”) always works better.

    Encouraging too that Martin Brundle’s never satisfied – “Need to sharpen up some aspects”, he says on Twitter, so he should get better and better.

    Bit of a wobbly introduction for me before the action got under way – the words were fine, just need to work on delivery. Jonathan Legard was always good at this bit, that’s the benefit of experience, I guess.

    Nice one David Coulthard for explaining the “delta time” display on the steering wheels! Didn’t know that. We can see straight away if a guy’s up (-) or down (+) on his best lap time.



    Yeah agreed on the delta times. Kimi Raikkonen always used to mention that he had a lap time delta on his dash but I could never work out where it was…now we know!



    I thought he was really good. It just seemed to flow much better, and I think he still talks like he did as co-commentator, which is a very good thing. There seems to be a lot less mindless babble than there was with Legard, only saying things he needed to, rather than to fill a gap.

    And I do agree with the other people who said he sounded like he does on the videogames at the start, but either way, he is absolutely miles and miles better than Legard, even at this early stage.


    I’m not sure about Brundle at the moment….

    He was fine, but he’s only just started so it’s only normal for me to get used to them. It sounded like that he was just talking to himself most of the time and Coulthard would just get too enthusiastic to talk about something when it came his way.

    I think it’s only fair to give them a year until we really start kicking them in the balls.



    Good start from both of them I think, but I have hopes that they’ll both improve, as opposed to the past 2 years of dread that it was never going to improve at all.

    It was still a bit leaden, though, and Croft and Ant are still head and shoulders above the crowd.


    Andy W

    I thought they put down a good starting mark, it was such a relief not to be shouting at some cretinous statement.

    No it wasn’t perfect… but it was the 1st time under the spot light and the mistakes were minor and picked up. DC gave good and insightful commentary and it was great to hear a 2nd knowledgeable voice in the commentary box. I am really looking forward to how good they are going to be by the end of the season. They already kicked off a country mile better than leggard and Brundle at their best.

    Can’t wait to find out what Martin has planned for the lights out moment.


    Ned Flanders

    So far, so good. I suppose the important thing is to keep Brundle happy, and by having David Coultard alongside him always seems to do the trick (Judging by his pre race interview with Jenson Button, DC has a few admirers!).

    I think we’ll have a better idea tomorow after Brundle talks us through the race start. My concern is that Brundle was trying to be too much of a lead commentator, rather than being himself. As plenty of people have said already he was getting a bit overexcited at times, and his opening lines were a bit wooden. But, if they do a similarly good job tomorow as they did this morning, I think we’ll have a winner on our hands



    Despite my reservations it was really good. There was only the odd occassion where to me it felt like Brundle was pretending he’d left his racing driver’s head at home so as to engage DC and ask his thoughts but generally I loved the commentary. It was far more relaxed, he wasn’t anywhere near as exciteable as Legard and there was good chemistry between the two.


    Dan Thorn

    Once Brundle is used to fulfulling the tasks required of a lead commentator and is able to talk us through things without it feeling scripted we’ll have a great commentary team. I loved it.



    MB and DC worked well together, you could tell they are friends and have great respect for each other.

    Personally i would like too see the BBC get another pundit to work beside Jake and Eddie, as i feel that DC is going to be on too much.



    I totally agree with Chick0

    You could tell there was great chemistry between MB/DC – everything sort of flowed well and for ‘once’ I did not hear the overly exaggerated “EXTRRROODIANRY, INCREDIBLE…etc” overzealous c**p that legard used to say.

    I’m soo happy the BBC got rid of legard – brilliant stuff!


    Andy W

    Have to agree with Chick0, Jake needs someone with him to speak sense when Eddie starts to run off at the mouth. Don’t get me wrong and think I want rid of EJ, I think the guy is superb and gives a lot to the team with his insights and contacts in the pit lane and more importantly he has the experience and balls to ask those unaskable questions driving to the heart of the matter with team bosses and the like. I just think that he needs someone to tell him when he is speaking gibberish, and thats not Jake’s role nor does he have the experience/ knowledge to take him down a peg or two when he needs it.



    Maybe the Beeb should bring in Lee Mackenzie so that Jake has someone other than Eddie to talk to during the race?

    I like the Martin and DC combo.



    The last time I was in England is years and years and years ago. It was the US Grand Prix in 2000. Murray Walker was still commentating. I think it was one of his last races back then.

    A friend of mine from Finland said Keke Rosberg was commentating races now and then, and was rather in a brilliant combination with a guy who had basically no idea what F1 was. I remember one dialogue he translated for me, which was something along the lines of “There’s smoke coming from the ‘jets’ of XY’s car.”

    Keke: “We professionals call those jets exhaust.”

    I think you guys are pretty blessed to have two professionals in the commentator box, and reading a few comments, it seems they’re up to the job.

    Over here in Germany Heiko Wasser, who is doing F1 since 1991 and ex-driver Christian Danner are on RTL, both which do a really good job. Especially Danner, who has a lot of insight and good contacts to many drivers.

    On PayTV it’s Jacques Schulz, who is terrible and Marc Surer, who is about as exciting as watching grass grow.



    Legard did have alot of contacts, but everyone Knows of Brundle and his work with the BBC and the Grid walk, and DC still works within the Red Bull team. You could tell to start with the Brundle was reading off a script, and yes, it sounded very much like a video game! I prefered it to the old lineup, and think it will improve race by race!

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