Bruno Senna finally arriving in F1 greatness

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    Force Maikel

    For many years everyone has named him spoiled, talentless, pay-driver, useless but after an stunning performance during the Malaysian GP I am somewhat convinced he does share the same talent of his uncle. He was involved in a first lap shunt which saw him reduced to last place. Luckily for him the red flag situation worked out well and after the restart he stormed to a career best 6th place.
    How convinced are my fellow f1 fanatics?

    2012 Malaysian Grand Prix - Sunday



    I’m not convinced

    He’s nowhere near where his uncle was.

    As far as I’ve seen I’m not sure he could keep up with Maldonado in a normal dry race.



    “For many years everyone has named him spoiled, talentless, pay-driver, useless”
    Not heard spoiled before. Haven’t really heard talentless or useless either, although some people were less than impressed with his races at Renault last year.

    Anyway, I think he has ability, and may be quite good after a stable year in the decent car Williams seems to have provided. HRT wasn’t the best F1 start, and half a year without prior testing in an ailing Renault was never going to be great, so his past results weren’t hugely representative, and I don’t expect him to be immediately on par with Maldonado in a dry race. But hopefully he’ll be up to a similar level by the end of the year, and that could pave the way to several more seasons in the sport, possibly even as an eventual race winner.



    Not convinced at all, actually. I don’t expect him to match Ayrton, of course, but with the way things are going right now he’s one of the worst drivers on the grid. And Malaysia was a fluke. Remember, Alonso won.

    Hell, I wasn’t even impressed enough with Ayrton to call him the best (as most do). That alone says quite a lot.



    Not convinced yet, until he does this well consistently. Senna in 1985, Schumacher in 1992, Alonso in 2001, Vettel in 2008, Hamilton in 2009 all punched above their car’s weight in a regular basis. But finishing 6th from the back is a good start.


    Force Maikel

    @matt90 well not on this forum nobody’s called him that but on a Dutch forum ”formule1.nl” people have. I’ve read it over and over on that horrible forum, seems like the most Dutch fans are quite rude (not all of course!).

    Back on topic. What you say is correct. What could he possible have learned in that HRT. Perhaps dodging faster cars? Last years Renault wasn’t a bad car but by the time Bruno stepped in the boat had already hit the iceberg.



    I think that at Renault he showed occasional speed, but inconsistency. That can be something that can be worked on to make a good driver, whereas as people often say, finding the speed is much more difficult. Also, I believe I’ve heard engineers in the past comment on being impressed, perhaps with his feedback, perhaps with his potential pace (I can’t really remember). Is he one of the weakest on the grid? I want to see him have a normal dry race (not being hit repeatedly as in Australia) before I can really consider ranking him. But generally I think the grid is very high quality at the moment, so I feel bad berating pretty much any driver for that. Who on the grid truly doesn’t deserve to be there? Almost all have speed, even if it is a side to their money.



    Bruno has convinced me quite a lot. Driving last year was a big mistake,Renault just had to throw a “dummy” in that car to make excuses for their performance. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the car was just not for him,because it was first of all Kubicas car and then Nick came in ,then suddenly ,without testing,everybody expected Bruno to shine. I mean come on,that’s just hopeless. But now ,in williams he has a car that he can work with,make it his car. So far he’s doing great,because building a team arround you could be a difficult task to fill in a short amount of time.


    Bradley Downton

    I’ve always supported Bruno, and yes, the Malaysian GP was very lucky, for most of the drivers, But Bruno still did a fabulous job. 6th was a great reward and, IF, we have another wet random race, don’t be surprised if Bruno grabs a podium, I’m really hoping so! The Williams seems a good car!



    I agree with @matt90 and I think people should stop comparing him to his uncle.
    It’s so annoying.
    He will improve over the course of the season and I think he will be able to beat Maldonado on occasions.
    I’m looking forward to the Monaco Grand Prix it’s a place, where both have had very good races in the past.
    (Maldonado 2011, before Hamilton came along and ruined it.)



    I think Bruno is a good driver, but unfortunately not the world champion. Recently had a little luck, but also need to be commended for error-free ride. If the next races will remain on his form iI’m able to believe in him. Apart from the theme, the famous journalist opened a new blog at [link removed by moderator], is just starting so he needs a little support



    I’ll also add that I think it’s admirable how well he’s done with his hiatus from racing (only returning to racing full time in 2005, coming 2nd in GP2 by 2008).


    Bradley Downton

    I agree with @matt90, I think he’s been incredibly unlucky in that respect, but also very skilled to do so well. I would really like to see him do well.



    He’s obviously not storming the scene like Ayrton did with Tollman in ’84. HOWEVER, I do see him climbing the ranks if he can cut out the mistakes. From what I’ve watched, his biggest downfall has been some needless errors. Like many, I would love to see him succeed as it’d be a great feel-good story and he’s incredibly likeable. My hopes are that he does like Jenson did and make the best of his years in lesser cars to put himself in the right position later. I think his lack of experience will keep him from rising this year (and he could well prove me wrong if he stops getting into trouble early when in traffic), but given time and focus, he could find himself at the top.



    I think it’s far too early to say he is “arriving in F1 greatness”. Greatness is defined by world championships (though there are exceptions), and Senna is definitely not going to be a world champion this year, or in any of the next few years if you ask me. I’m not even entirely convinced he is going to beat Pastor Maldonado this year.

    Of course, there’s no reason why he should be great at this early stage of his career, it’s just that he still has a lot to prove.

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