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    This post may be repetative considering all the race analysis and driver reports that Keith does but I’m going to take a shot anyways – So, I’m curious what you think Bruno Senna’s future hold. I’ve been looking at some stats for this season and, taking into consideration only the rounds that Yamamoto didn’t compete in, Senna has out qualified Karun Chandhok 6 to 3. Only considering the rounds that they were both classified and again that Yamamoto didn’t compete in, Karun Chandhok beats Senna 2 to 1. Its seems to me that in terms of the inter-team battle that Bruno Senna is performing pretty well. Nevertheless, when I listen to F1 commentators all I hear is how HRT is impressed with this and that in regards to Chandhok (not that they are wrong), but when it comes to Senna, it is something like “errr . . . I don’t know if he’s [this or that] like his uncle.” Now obviously my basic research doesn’t necessarily paint the whole picture, but it seems to me Bruno Senna is getting side-lined, at least in the media because he’s hasn’t put a HRT on pole position. Either way, I’d like to know what you feel Bruno Senna’s future is.



    I think Bruno’s doing pretty well but it’s hard to compare to Chandhok when it comes to the car. For instance, Bruno beat Karun’s favourite track Monaco but Karun later tweeted he had an issue with the diff. I think the two of them are doing well, being mature and keeping out of trouble for the most part but they’re both rookies without testing. I often wonder how someone with experience would do. The good thing about Yamamoto is we have someone to judge them against.


    Dan Thorn

    It’s so hard to tell with the car they way it is. I reckon Senna’s doing alright though – if Ross Brawn was close to putting him alongside Jenson last year then he can’t be too bad can he?


    Tom L.

    I think the problem with Senna is that pre-season, everyone expected him to trounce Chandhok, for a number of reasons:

    1) Pre-season, Chandhok was generally viewed as a pay driver who was there due to sponsorship and/or Bernie Ecclestone, whereas Senna was seen as having genuine talent (GP2 results, near Honda/Brawn drive);

    2) Senna had comprehensively beaten Chandhok when the two were team-mates in GP2, in as equal machinery as you’re going to get;

    3) The Senna name, meaning people’s expectations are going to be higher.

    However, because both drivers have been performing on a similar level, Chandhok has earned people’s respect, which he didn’t necessarily have beforehand. People have been pleasantly surprised by Chandhok rather than being disappointed with Senna – which is probably fair, going on the car they have! – thus more attention on Chandhok.

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