Buemi vs. Alguersuari

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    I’ve heard many people complain about Buemi, and how Alguersuari is so much better, but in what way is Jaime really any better? I just wanna see why people think that way, as to me, Buemi is the (much) better driver.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Because in two years, Buemi has achieved a whole lot of nothing while Alguersuari has demonstrated marked improvement.



    Plus Buemi is ugly and doesn’t suit Toro Rosso, at least with Jaime they get a bit of style in the team.


    sbl on tour

    i,m saying nought, as you know my views on those two clampits



    No, I don’t think Jaime is much better if at all. When Jaime first came into F1 I was impressed with him (especially his detailed feedback over the radio) and thought he showed promise but since then he hasn’t achieved much and at times has been over aggressive/wreckless i.e Spain and Japan.

    I don’t think there’s much between them and if one goes it’ll probably be Buemi because he’s been with the team longer. I don’t understand why there has been a lot of criticism of Buemi; he scored on his debut, pretty much showed up Bourdais, at the beginning of 2010 someone almost always took him out early in the race and he led at Canada. Jaime came on strong towards the end of last season but STR seemed to be heaping the pressure on the Swiss driver so maybe that got to him a bit but considering Buemi is the one quite a few consider to be on his last chance it was he who was leading the STR charge for the majority of the weekend at Aus (he got into Q3 and scored points while Jaime did neither).




    I always struggled to match the names to faces between the STR duo. Now I can know for sure :)



    It’s going to be a really interesting battle between these guys. Giving them half-contracts and having Ricciardo on the pit wall every race just adds to the pressure.

    I certainly think its a bad thing, they collided in Melbourne and are going to keep pinning the blame on each other until one of them is fired. Really stupid move from STR.

    Anyway, I think Buemi is the better driver but Alguersuari is more suited to the Red Bull party image and in turn has a lot more fans.


    Ned Flanders

    I think RIISE is about right. Alguersuari is a good looking, young, cool DJ. Buemi is, well, merely young. Neither of them have done anything particualrly amazing but it’s always Buemi who gets Toro Rosso’s best results, so I rate him more highly.


    To me Buemi has been consistently average, while Alguersuari showed more flashes of speed and won the British f3 championship in 2008 against the likes of Sergio Perez, oliver Turvey and Brendon Hartley.

    Someone needs to go however as the Red Bull junior ladder is clogging up, let alone Ricciardo they have Jean-Eric Vergne who completely destroyed everybody in British F3 last year.



    I rate Buemi higher than Alguersuari, but there isn’t a lot in it. It’s actually pretty difficult to guage how good they are against the rest of the field, the way the car yoyos in pace all the time.



    I’d say that they’re about even in my opinion. But on a general preference of drivers, there’s something about Algusuari which I just can’t warm to though.



    I think its quite difficult to have a favourite out of these two. I don’t think either of them deserved a place in F1 when they arrived and I don’t think they have proved that initial opinion wrong.

    of the two, Buemi is probably the better driver, but as has been mentioned, Alguersuari has the looks and the image. For that reason, as is typical of STR’s management, i’d say they will keep Alguersuari.

    It’d be nice if they managed their driver lineup a bit better. For what its worth though, Ricciado looks fast.


    Stephen Jones

    RIISE i thought you were joking! but you’re kinda right in a way..

    if they’re getting the same results, then you’d go for the driver that can promote better yeah?



    But, they’re not getting the same results – Buemi outscored Alguer in 2009 and 2010 in the races they were together, and is ahead in 2011 again.



    Algetsuari is still very young and does seem to keep his nose out of trouble more than Buemi. But neither of them are at the front running level that will get them promoted to the main Red Bull team.

    I think we could see the partnership of Daniel Riciardo and Jean-Eric Verne in Torro Rosso in a few years.

    There is also the motivation of maybe getting Mark Webber’s old seat when he goes (he wont be around for ever) but would they go for someone outside the Red Bull family to replace him now they are a front running team?

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