Button has no 2014 contract

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    The silly season gets sillier with all sorts of possibilties now that JB has no 2014 contract.
    Sit back and enjoy the craziest of silly seasons



    Jenson to Ferrari, you heard it here first.



    I think JB will probably stay at McLaren for 2014…but I guess stranger things have happened. The way Jenson talks about Ferrari does sound like he is intrigued by the opportunity, and has said in past interviews that he would like the chance to go toe to toe with Alonso.


    R.J. O’Connell

    Ferrari wouldn’t be short on experience if they signed Button.

    On the other hand, if he does end up not returning to McLaren, that FR3.5 title fight becomes super-important because Vandoorne and Magnussen should be considered front-runners for that vacant seat.



    If McLaren partner either of their talents in FR 3.5 with Perez, I’ll eat my hat.

    (joke’s on you, I don’t own any hats.)


    Ed Marques

    I’ll repeat what i said on some other thread. A brazilian journalist (that usually is right) said that Ferrari and Red Bull would make an offer to Jenson. Reading to Button’s words it seems that a move from Mclaren is possible.
    The silly season is really crazy this year.



    Hmm, the Button-Ferrari thing actually makes sense. Button would be perfect number 2 driver, as he would collect enough points to secure the fight for WCC, but he wouldn’t be a real threat for Alonso. The only question is why would Jenson want to go there? Does he seriously think he could match Alonso on same car?



    I think what it comes down to is Honda vs Alonso. That sounds stranger than it is. Jenson has worked with Honda before, and there is a good chance that with Honda coming to McLaren, it could be a vital step towards McLaren being back on top. But on the other hand, he may not necessarily get the challenge of a Champion team mate.

    At Ferrari, Button would have to go up against double World Champion, Fernando Alonso. Everyone said he was crazy to go to Hamilton’s team, but he did well there. By going to a new team, which is said to be someone else’s, pitting himself up against one of the best on the grid, he doesn’t have much to lose. Not to mention there is a good chance that Ferrari will make a very good engine. It would just be sad if they didn’t, given how much Montezemolo has been ranting on about engine development. On the subject of Montezemolo, someone like JB would be ideal for Ferrari, surely? He is vastly experienced, he is a team player (Even this year, he has been loyal to McLaren, and not become frustrated) and despite him being a World Champion, his relaxed nature doesn’t create those same rivalries, which Ferrari probably try to avoid with their “Only one number one driver” policy.

    Let’s face it, Jenson isn’t getting any younger, and how many chances do you get to drive for Ferrari? In recent years, they haven’t really fared any worse than McLaren, bar 2011, and the years they were behind, were mainly because of Massa.



    Not to mention there is a good chance that Ferrari will make a very good engine. It would just be sad if they didn’t, given how much Montezemolo has been ranting on about engine development.

    To be honest, I’m a rather worried Tifosi. They had their stuff together with their V10 after just a few years, and their V8 isn’t bad either; but it’s not the best. I don’t think Ferrari will run into any problems they would have had with the V12 in the mid-90s (high fuel consumption, sketchy reliability), but I think aerodynamics aren’t the only thing Ferrari are used to developing on track. Their V10 was bulletproof (I think Schumacher went several seasons without an engine failure), but then their cars drove insane amounts of GP distances on Fiorano.


    Amazing to think that with all their money, resources and political power, Ferrari haven’t won a single Drivers’ title since 2007 or a Constructors’ title since 2008.


    Lucas Wilson


    It was their own fault that they messed up that last race in 2010, otherwise they would have won.



    @jamiefranklinf1 – spot on mate. Most forget (or choose to) that Button won in the points in the 3 years of Jenson V Lewis. Not as fast on one lap but what a race car driver!!

    Button is, and always has been, the real deal, and like Mark Webber took some time to get a fast car. But thats ok, some TOP F1 drivers never get a top car! Thats life! Jenson & McLaren seem a “good fit” and I see Jenson at McLaren as long as will keep him!

    McLarens bad form this year is a bad car design- a win or lose choice that went bad, similar to how Brawn won in 2009, McLaren lost this year. They will come good, and Jenson will have Serg right behind him to make sure they are both fast!!

    Button to The Horse?? Nah…………. doesnt fit! The Hulk? Yes, fits!! Jules a bit early….. yet!



    It was interesting when Horner was asked about this during practice he said Jenson had a contract at McLaren, unless he’s a very good actor I dont think Button could have come to him.



    Why doesn’t Button fit at Ferrari, Garns, or somebody??

    And exactly what kind of F1-drivers fits Ferrari well, if you guys can explain me.. :-)


    Ed Marques

    I think Button would be a good fit for Ferrari. Although i don’t appreciate his driving style, he proved to be a consistent point scorer (with some wins) which is exactly what Ferrari needs.

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