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    Button has probably done enuff to lose his McLaren seat.

    He was brought with Mercedes money to bring the no.1 to a Mercedes powered car.

    Mclaren are ending the Mercedes engine deal – well not renewing it (letting it expire) To make way for the MP4 ??? The in-house McLaren engine.

    Hamilton will not leave McLaren, Button is not performin enuff.

    Kimi may want an F1 seat, Kimi performed well at McLaren and are a top team, if a top seat became available he would return from WRC.

    Could this be the top seat he requires ???

    Big up



    Not done enough?

    Hes won two races, the same amount as Hamilton.

    Hes 2nd in the Championship, 6 points behind Hamilton.

    I think hes done more than enought to retain his seat.

    If Button hasnt done enough then surely Webber (12 Points behind Vettel), Massa (31 Points behind Alonso) and Schumacher (41 Points behind Rosberg) would surely be losing their seats as well.

    I highly doubt hes going anywhere next year.



    Yeah, you are way off. Button is indeed ‘slower’ dan Hamilton, but I think anyone would be slower than him in the same car. Button is atleast the perfect second man.

    Getting good points and no errors!



    I wasn’t the biggest Button fan at the start of the season and I’m not going to pretend that I am. But to suggest that he “hasn’t done enough” etc is quite frankly ridiculous. To the loony-bin for you sir!



    Kimi had his chance to sign with Mclaren and he walked away from it.

    Button has two wins. It’s one bad qualifying but that’s hardly grounds for immediate dismissal



    I think McLaren will continue with the Merc engine deal till 2015, because having the class of the paddock for free, in the back of your car, especially considering that Merc still considers Macca a partner is a fantastic advantage for a newley independent team.

    No kimi won’t driver for McLaren, that boat was burnt when he wouldn’t sign last time.

    By all acounts Button has been the perfect second man, getting the points an the vicotries when Hamiltons not quite there. Taking points of his rivals at almost every race. Nice enough to understand that Hamilton is not infact being favoured, really it’s not only Button whose been fully justified in sigining for McLaren.



    And then he recovers to 4th. Qualy forgotten then.

    I hate people who come here just to bash drivers :/



    You don’t really know enough about the subject on which you are talking old chap..

    MP4 is the prefix for the chassis, not the engine.

    Plus the marketing value of having 2 british world champions at the same team, driving some quite frankly stunning races at times as today in the British GP, is priceless for Vodafone.

    This is a dream team they wont want to break up. This is the McLaren team for a good 3 years I would bet.




    I review my earlier comment.

    Button has probably done enuff to remain in the McLaren seat. He makes a perfect No 2. driver for Hamilton – would have liked the flyin finn 2 make a return though.

    The original flying finn – mika hakkinen – is likely to return as Hamilton`s management though.

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    MP4 is the prefix for the chassis, not the engine.

    Obviously, which is why I put MP4 ??? , to represent whatever sequence number it is.

    MP4 being Mclaren Project 4 (MP4)

    Did anybody notice that Mclaren recovered well in the race, after a poor qualifying.

    It happens rather frequently that, when Ron Dennis makes a visit, purely on road car business honestly, gives Martin a kick up the ”!* & then the team does well in the race.



    make way for the MP4 ??? The in-house McLaren engine.


    Obviously, which is why I put MP4 ??? , to represent whatever sequence number it is.


    So if I read the OP and posts 9 & 10 in tandem, I see the same poster under two usernames, yeah?

    Just to clarify, the way in which the OP was worded implied that you (whichever you are; mjpowell or pepsiperfect), believed that the McLaren naming convention for engines was MP4/–.




    Ron Dennis`s dream is getting closer. For Mclaren to become the british Ferrari.

    He is gettin the F1 team, just workin on the road car.

    Which is NOW available.

    The MP4-12C supercar if U have a spare 250,000 could be just what UR lookin 4



    Haha looks like noone agrees with you mjpowell. Rightly so, Buttons done a really good job this year. He’s the perfect team mate for Lewis, taking points from the opposition and taking big points and wins when Lewis isn’t able to, and they seem to get on well, bonus! His pace is close to Lewis’ too. If he could improve in quali he’d probably be almost level with Lewis. Much better number 2 than Heikki, who is definitely a great guy, but wasn’t close enough to Lewis to take points away from the opposition when he needed to.



    Button has driven brilliantly this year and if there are a few wet/dry races in the second half of the season I think he may well win the championship, the idea he’ll lose his seat is utter nonsense



    Button is surely not going out of Mclaren.

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