Button passed Hamilton on points

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    In their three years together at McLaren, Button ended up with 15 more points than Hamilton, if I’m not mistaken. This is curious, since Hamilton is clearly the better driver. Is is just down to bad luck?

    And McLaren ending the season in 3rd ist pretty desgraceful, I must say. Over the year, they certainly had the best car…



    The general consensus is that, in terms of driving skill, Hamilton outperformed Button in 2010 and 2012, and that Button outperformed Hamilton in 2011. The points are skewed somewhat by Hamilton’s far more numerous mechanical retirements and race incidents. Taking that into account, I would say Hamilton was the better McLaren driver overall for the duration of their three-year partnership, with Button not too far behind.

    And yes, it is utterly disgraceful that McLaren are third in the constructors’. On numerous occasions this season, they’ve had a clear performance advantage, yet have squandered it with operational errors and mechanical gremlins. Hamilton had Singapore and Abu Dhabi in the bag, and the car let him down. Button’s mid-season slump certainly didn’t help either.

    On a related note, Button’s win now means that McLaren have scored points in every single race since Bahrain 2010, the beginning of the Hamilton/Button partnership.




    Well, you are correct sir. The numbers can speak all they want but real fans know that Button was not superior to Hamilton. Anyways… Button passing Hamilton on points is not the only passing that took place today… I find it totally disgusting how Michael just opened a huge door for Sebastian…. and not to mention the Steward´s complicity in all this… take a look at this image… it´s amazing nobody has said anything about it…



    Felipe Bomeny

    @catracho504 that yellow light does not indicate a yellow flag; it was merely pointing out slippery conditions. Ferrari presented this to Charlie Whiting, arguing that it was an illegal pass under yellow flags. Whiting ruled that Vettel’s pass on Kobayashi was not under yellow flags and it was perfectly legal.



    @jb . I was absolutely furious when I saw Schumi just let Vettel by. This is a WDC deciding race.. and I didn’t expect any favouritism from anyone other than your teammate in this race. I think it was disgusting of Schumacher to do so.. and even embarrassing for him not to race the world champ in his last race.



    Hamilton beat Button in two of the three seasons.
    Hamilton had more pole positions, more wins, and better qualifying overall.
    Button scored the most points, and took more podiums.

    Jenson referred to the team’s season as having lots of ups and downs: 3rd place in the constructors from a car on the front row in more than half the races and one which took 7 wins just shows how bad the downs were, very costly. Hamilton (Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Brazil, Spain) and Button (Monza) hit the team hard, the poor pitstops in the first half of the season didn’t help either.



    @magon4 . I really do not understand the point of this thread. I think every f1 fan will admit that Button was no match for Hamilton.




    I agree with you sir…. not a very gacious way to bow out…. I suddenly feel betrayed by Schumi after being in his side for a loooong time. The only legitimate help the title rivals could have was from their own team mates. But of course.. we all know RBR is a 4 man team… FIA really should do something about that… I think it was VERGNE or RICCIARDO that let both Webber wn Vettel by at some point…

    Oh ok… if you say so… I was just under the impression that YELLOW is YELLOW and it means caution, no overtaking… you can also see another yellow in the mid part of the straight…. I guess this time the Stewards had the RBR rulebook and not the FIA book on hand.



    @catracho504 why are you derailing this thread about Button and Hamilton with incorrect information and conspiracy theories about Vettel and Red Bull?



    @todfod I guess people should give Button more credit.
    And maybe, just maybe, some fans overestimate Hamilton’s overall abilities as an F1 driver. In three years, the possibly best driver on the grid should have a good difference to his team mate, and questions might be asked about HAM’s skill. He is fast, but is that all there is to the job?



    I think this spell between Button and Hamilton has done a great deal for Button’s reputation, and also for Hamilton’s maturity.

    Button has proven that he IS in the upper leagues of F1, and whilst on balance he has been outperformed by Hamilton in terms of race results, the fact that he was close in 2010 and 2012 and beat him in 2011 has been the making of him (an odd statement for someone who came to the team as WDC I know!).

    It’ll be really interesting to see how Button gets on next season as the true #1 driver in what should be a car that starts off as a race winner, along with Red Bull (based on current form and the fact that very little changes in the regs next season).

    For Hamilton, he’s driven his tits off this season, and been a lot more mature and likeable this season as well. The move to Mercedes seems a little foolish, but now is the first time in his career that I feel like he has the temperament and maturity to go and drag a team up the grid and mould it around him. He’s unlikely to challenge for the title next season, but fair play to him for giving it a go.



    Lewis: 240 + 227 + 190 = 657
    Jenson: 214 + 270 + 188 = 672

    So, from the 3 years we can see that in 2010, Lewis beat Jenson; in 2011, Jenson easily beat Lewis, and finally at the end of this year, it’s a 2 point difference meaning they basically tied, although yes technically Lewis won.

    So, if we think of it as Lewis beating Jenson at 2 years of being at the team, surely he should have had a higher points tally, but i guess that further proves how dominant and successful Jenson was in 2011, and how unlucky Lewis has been this year.



    Vettel was quicker than Shuey by at least a second. Vet was going to get past and perhaps Shuey didn’t want to get clipped by the crash kid and end his 20 year career in the tyre wall. Other than that, get over it.



    I do agree that Hamilton is the better one of the two. But for anyone who says Button is nothing but an average driver while Hamilton is a racing god, I hope these 3 years earned Jenson some respect.



    Lewis: 240 + 227 + 190 = 657
    Jenson: 214 + 270 + 188 = 672

    Madness how well the McLaren has been performing (when in the zone) but still scoring that many points less than in 2011 or even 2010.

    As for the topic: I think Hamilton has more raw speed and talent, but Button has a lot of experience and is a pretty quick driver as well, who, for multiple reasons, ended up with his McLaren in one piece more often than Lewis the past 2 seasons.

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