By which race will any of the new teams grab a point, or will they?

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    I think on their second season, the new teams should expect to at least grab a point by any time of the season, and it will be a big achievement!

    I’m just guessing in which race that will be, I’m thinking maybe at a wet race, like China or Malaysia, I will go for Malaysia.

    What do you think?



    I’m guessing Lotus and Virgin will get their first points and probably only points in one of the wet races for next year. Hispania won’t get any points at all



    Erm honestly the only hope of points are with Lotus, even then it will be a struggle, but with a Renault engine and Red Bull gearbox they are definitely in the best position.



    I think Lotus will definitely score some points next year. They’ve got two good drivers and a strong package, so I definitely think they’ll be up there fighting for 9ths and 10ths with Toro Rosso, Sauber, Force India etc.

    Virgin are unlikely to score one, but I wouldn’t rule out Glock getting a 9th or 10th in a wet race.

    Anyway, I’ll guess Australia – as that is often a race with high attrition.



    Here’s my opinion.

    Lotus to be best of the new teams again, followed by Lotus, followed by an HRT that withdraws midseason with 0 points.

    Lotus to be better tha STR, Virgin to be about the same as STR but better by the end of the season.

    Lotus, and Virgin to score lucky points in early wet races but by the latter part of the season Lotus will be able to score low points as consistently as STR have done in 2010.



    Er well Lotus where just so damn impressive getting a car built in no time at all last year that I really don’t care to judge where they might be with all the time they’ve had to develop the new machine. They could well be up there with the back of the midfeild, remember the tyre changes and regs for next year are going to be a great leveler.

    Not sure about Virgin, are HRT even going to have a car?



    Lotus should get some points and Virgin should get 11ths and 12ths finishes. I will be more disappointed with Lotus if they don’t score any points than Virgin if they don’t get any low teen finishes.

    Lotus should be getting points in dry races, with the package there looking at getting, and the engine, gearbox etc. they should be around the STR pace, which means they’ll be quick in some places, and back to the back in others.

    HRT, if they remain in there current predicament, wont see out the season.

    My guess, they’ll be quicker in the first 4 races than in early Europe (Spain etc.), first points maybe Budapest/Spa way. Or Korea, and it will basically be a new track again, well the surface and conditions, as well as India.


    Dan Thorn

    I’d be surprised if one of the new teams – probably Lotus – don’t score points next year. Glock could be one to watch though and if there’s a crazy race then he’s the man to watch.

    With HRT I think it depends on the drivers. If they’re forced to go with a couple of paydrivers then I think they’ll be merely propping up the back,but if they can secure someone with a bit of experience then they could well be there to secure a fluke result in a race of high attrition.

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