Can anyone win, apart from Vettel ?

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    Can anyone see another driver, (apart from Vettel) winning the World Driver Championship of 2011? Yes I realize we are only 25% into the season…… I can only see Lewis in with a chance.

    The season is starting like 2009 and Brawn. Vettel is running away with it at the moment, but I recall Button starting to Fade mid-season 2009….somehow I just cannot see Vettel or RBR doing the same..

    Oh and p.s. I’d really really like to see Vettel stop sticking his finger up in that NO # 1 pose or somehow talking like a girl immediately after he win’s a race…



    My head says that vettel will take this year, Brawn ran out of money near the end, Red Bull wont. But my heart says that Mclaren and mostly Lewis will make it difficult for them. Unless the Mclaren suddenly becomes right up to and passes their pace in the next few races, (dont forget lewis is insane around Montreal) then i think its Vettels this year.



    If you read Button’s book on the 2009 season you’ll see that Jenson really should have had it wrapped up earlier but a number of things went against them – sometimes including Jenson.

    If Hamilton can keep within 50 points when the hot-blowing of the diffuser is banned I think we could see a comeback. Otherwise, no.



    Yes, it’s still early. However, even if Vettel’s pace falls, it won’t fall significantly I suspect, this start that he’s got will require DNF’s or finishes out of the points while a rival, probably Hamilton wins.

    It’s mathmatically possible, an the speed McLaren seem to have point at a challenge, but I reckon it’s probably in the bag for Vettel already.



    I’d agree with Icthyes – that 50 point barrier will be the end of Hamilton’s chances. Vettel won’t feel pressure if he has 2 races in the bag.

    This season is different to the 2009 season in that the Red Bull in 2009 always looked threatening to Brawn. This season nothing can touch the Red Bull (yes Hamilton won a race but i’m inclined to think that was Red Bull’s loss rather than Hamilton’s victory – and Vettel still finished second). I wouldn’t be surprised if the championship is wrapped up by hungary



    Webber if he keep things cool or Hamilton who have good race pace.



    and besides, what if ferrari makes a comeback like last year? agreed last year it was more of red bull unreliability than ferrari’s upgrades which helped ferrari close the gap, but then it’s alonso. and he’ll drive well now that his contract is upto ’16.

    Why are they banning blown diffusers? safety reasons?



    what if ferrari makes a comeback like last year

    Then the rapture really will happen.

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