Can Hamilton and Vettel challenge Schumacher’s pole tally?

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    Its pretty obvious that Hamilton and Vettel are the outstanding qualifiers on the grid, their stats speak for themselves. Hamilton and Vettel have 31 and 39 poles respectively and i struggle to think of the last race that one of them wasn’t on the front row (i think it was Silverstone 2012). The question is can they challenge Schumacher’s record of 68 pole positions.
    I think its safe to safe to say they will both be in F1 for at least 10 more years, if we look at their current percentage of poles (with races entered) in stands at 25.62% and 34.82% for Hamilton and Vettel respectively.
    10 more seasons would probably be round 200 races and based on that, Hamilton would collect a further 51 pole positions whereas Vettel would collect a further 70 pole positions.
    One thing that is worth noting is that Vettel’s current percentage of poles is likely to fall given that it was influenced by the 2011 season where he claimed 16/20 poles which can be called an “anomaly” as its recurrence is unlikely. Therefore Vettel’s pole tally prediction is likely to be less accurate than that of Hamilton’s.
    Based on the calculations above, here are the likely pole tally’s of the two in 10 yrs time.

    My view is that both are likely to surpass Senna and Schumacher’s pole tally’s, the only question is who will get there first.

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